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NYS Office of Homeland Security1220 Washington Avenue7th Floor, Suite 710Albany, NY 12226 &Chairman Committee On Foreign Contract AndInheritance fund Payment NotificationFROM:HSBC Bank UKAttn: BeneficiaryThe U.S.A Government, World Bank,IMF and United Nations OrganizationOfficial Has Approve your part payment of your Contract/Inheritancepayment Valued at $10.5Million in conjunction with BritishGovernment and Homeland Security.This International Remittance Department(HSBC Bank UK) wasset up to discover an outstanding unpaid fund being owned toGovernments or Individuals all over the world through Contract,Inheritance and Lotto Winners Payment.However,a decision was made last week With this development, a womanby name (MRS.JANET WHITE) came to our office with an applicationstating that you gave her the power of attorney to be the beneficiary of yourOutstanding contract/Inheritance payment. She made us to believe thatyou are dead and that she is your next of kin. We got your email addressthrough computerization report, Board Organization and we decided tosend an email through this address hoping to find out if you are Deador Alive and also to find out if you at any time gave this woman thepower of attorney to represent you.Please let us know also if you are aware of this development,hence weare almost ready to transfer part payment of $10.5M of youroutstanding funds to her nominated bank account stated below:NAME OF BANK: FIRST NATIONAL BANKADDR: 120 SO. 2nd. ST.BLYTHEVILLE,ARKANSAS 72315 USAACCOUNT NUMBER: 482986ROUTING NUMBER:084107343Swift code # : WMSBUS66BENEFICIARY: JANET WHITEIf you are not aware of the above instruction, do respond to thisemail immediately by contacting the head of the Internationalremittance department ( Mr Morgan Smith). His contact informationare written below:Name: MR;Morgan SmithE-mail:hsbc.info4@gmail.comTelephone +447031997718For immediate transfer of your funds be informed that you are notallowed to correspond or contact any person or office with respect tothis transfer other than this office, you are required to send to him anemail with your full name,Company or Residential address and yourdirect Telephone number,Fax Number and your mobile phone where you canbe reach at all time.Yours Sincerely,Douglas Jardine Flint