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    Re: melania trump broke the law

    So I wake up to see stories about 1. How Melania worked in the country illegally before she got her visa, 2. National Enquirer bought a story about a Trump affair with a Playboy model, and withheld it.

    What is life?

    Anyway off to canvas in PA, wish me luck!

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    Re: melania trump broke the law

    If Trump wants to get rid of Melania and find a new wife he'd probably use Melania's questionable citizenship status against her during divorce proceedings if she doesn't do what he says (e.g. give him full custody, wants more money than he's willing to part with). Overall a shitty situation for Melania to be in, politics or no politics

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    Re: melania trump broke the law

    Melania Trump will beat out Jackie O as the hottest First Lady.

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    Re: melania trump broke the law

    Wives should be like leasing a car, get a new one every two or 3 years. I wish THIS was the new movement.

    What's the postage on this ya think>?

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