A foundation started by the adopted son of President Ronald Reagan is nothing but a front for him to extort money from wealthy people.

Convicted criminal who served 27 months in Federal prison for 7 counts of fraud Jay Hoffman and Michael Reagan who was found liable of conversion in a court in California are orchestrating this scheme.

I just read something that claims that Jay Hoffman is illegally raising money from wealthy republicans as part of a very well structured scam in partnership with no other that scumbag, thief Michael Reagan.

The rumor is that they, Jay Hoffman and Michael Reagan along with some lady named Faye Easton solicit donations to the fake foundation called Reagan Legacy Foundation. In return for a donation, donors get private tours to the USS Ronald Reagan airplane carrier, the Ronald Reagan Presidential library and the Reagan Ranch in California. These are federally founded properties and selling access to them is a federal crime.

From what I read, the scam goes like this:

Jay Hoffman solicits donations from wealthy republican donors (suckers) to the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Michael Reagan gives “scholarships” of $500 to $1000 to the sailors that live at the Ronald Reagan USS airplane carrier. The donors get tours, landings; take offs on the carrier at taxpayers expense. It costs about $50,000 as a donation to the “foundation” to get on the USS Reagan carrier. Jay Hoffman gets a hefty commission and Michael Reagan pays his wife Colleen, daughter Ashley and son Cameron salaries and stipends from the rest.

So far, from looking at pictures and reports on the “foundation’s” website, we see the following names of donors (suckers) that have illegally received private tours, landings, dinners, etc. of federal properties:

Anthony Saliba
Barry Wolfe
Susan Thom
Mireille Wolfe
Warren G Herreid and Jeannine
Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis

At the expense of US taxpayers and part of the scam perpetrated by criminal Jay Hoffman and Michael Reagan (the adopted son of Ronald Reagan)