I spent $7000 for a full set of sofas, tables, chairs for my balcony, approximately after 5 months of little usage the 6 sofas started to crack. I called Mohamed the owner, he sent an employee to asses the damage upon inspection the employee told me that this was definitely a bad batch and all the sofas will be replaced with no issues. A day later Mohamed called me to confirm that he ordered a new batch from the manufacturer and I was looking at 2 weeks wait until they arrive in Miami. After 3 months of wait he called me again and told me they were in the warehouse and ready to deliver, but to my surprise he came out with a $1500.00 fee because the weather caused the damaged and its not covered by the manufacturer warranty. Why would you sell it in Florida if you know the sofas wont withstand the weather conditions? I had to throw the sofas away and buy a new set from a reputable company. Don't do business with this company the owner is very difficult to deal with he is full of excuses.Name:  10.jpg
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