Don't give anyone you don't know your bank login name and password!

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I gave the account information to my company and they told me they will be needing the bank online banking access including the security question and answer attached to the account to enable access to the account online. The reason we request for the online banking access is because of monitoring the funds that will be transfer into the account and it will be used for your weekly assignments and we can both be on a safer side.

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Rethink is an independent creative agency here to help you. It’s really a one-word business model. We know that the most powerful solutions often come from unlikely places, so we continually rethink how to best serve our clients and ad-hoc workers. We take every measure to satisfy everyone beyond expectations. All of our partners are hands-on leaders working on every aspect of our business. Our depth of experience and range of expertise, along with a rigorous creative process, consistently generate more and more quality ideas—proving that creativity and discipline do go together. We're agents of change who’ve been integrated since day one. From strategy, advertising and design to social, digital and product innovation, there are always new solutions and ideas to be found in every aspect of a business. Between our offices in Vancouver and Toronto we serve all of our clients and ad-hoc workers all over the world, no matter where they’re based.

Helping is what the Rethink culture is all about. We're a naturally collaborative bunch who knows how to come together and get things done. We believe in sharing, giving back, working hard and playing nice.

We’re extremely proud to work with so many amazing clients and ad-hoc workers. Together we create brand clarity, relevance, excitement and momentum. We’d love to help build your brand and boost your business.


The concept of this job is simple and stress free, working as a part-time finance administrative management clerk (Ad-hoc worker) for our agency. We have clients from around the world who do encounter authorization delays in getting payments to us and this usually cause delays in us paying out experts to work on their various advertising jobs which is affecting the growth of our agency, so we set up a platform to have part-time finance management clerks from around the world, whose assignments is to accept payments from our clients via our specified financial institutions which means our Ad-hoc workers will have to open a bank account with any of our specified recognized financial institutions and make payouts to professionals like digital billboard designers, graphic designers, artist, and other experts we do give jobs to work on around the world to enhance quick delivery of services. More so, your weekly earnings ($500) will always be direct deposited into this same account. If you work efficiently for the first 6 weeks, we might consider increasing your weekly earnings by 30-50% depending on how satisfied we are, with you.

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