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Thread: Tanning Pills?

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    Tanning Pills?

    Tanning pills come in two forms: those that contain tyrosine and those that contain a concentrated dose of beta-carotene. Let’s start with tyrosine. The FDA has debunked tyrosine as a tanning accelerator. The marketing pitch is that tyrosine is needed by your body to produce melanin, which is a true statement. Ergo, the logic (albeit flawed) follows: taking pills with tyrosine will increase melanin production. It just isn’t true—only exposure to UVA or UVB sun rays can activate tyrosine and other elements in skin to initiate (or trigger) melanin production, the pigment we see as a tan.

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    Re: Tanning Pills?

    Too bad that some scammers try to get rich off of the misery of some people whose health is in danger or of those gullible ones who wish to get a pill for everything! A pill to help you sleep, to help you take a dump, and now a tanning pill!

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    Re: Tanning Pills?

    Jonathan Mase from Suffern, NY here. While certain drugs can potentiate the effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, I can't conceive of how someone would be willing to ingest chemicals to try and get a better tan. Granted, I work in healthcare, but I would hope common sense would trump advertising.
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    Re: Tanning Pills?


    There is a nexus of illegal medicine providers working out there. It is shocking that even the most powerful countries in terms of investigation have failed to put an end to this menace.

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