The check is counterfeit. Never use western union or money gram. He is telling you to send the western union transfer to Alabama, the problem is,if you email him the reference number,MTCN number,tracking number,he can pick up the transfer even if he is in Africa. Only use direct bank transfer if anything to send money to strangers.

from: Bryan Horton < [email protected]>
to: <>
date: Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 1:50 PM


This is to inform you that I will be moving down on the 5th of November. A check of $2,215 has been mailed out to you with this tracking number (9405X0169X3X00X7X77679), status of the check can be tracked via Upon receiving the check, have it deposited in your account and wait till it clears. Once the fund is available, deduct $400 for yourself which is your pay for running the errands, then hold $100 for shopping toiletries which are to be purchased next week (purchase details will be sent later). Then send $800 to the furniture mover and another $800 to Electronics mover as well. You should send them through Money Gram at Walmart and Western Union store. Below are the info you'll send the money to (for both movers).

Furniture mover info: Send $800 via MONEY GRAM to:
NAME: Joan Trussell
CITY: Loveland
ZIPCODE 80538.

Electronics mover info: Send $800 via WESTERN UNION to
NAME: Denashia Elliott
CITY: Birmingham
ZIPCODE: 35215.

After sending, you will provide me with the following info of both transaction

1) Take a pic of the receipt of each transaction and send it.

2) Also send through email, the following info : Sender's Name, Sender's Address, Tracking Number and Amount Sent.s

The above required details will be needed for both furniture and electronics movers to enable them pick up the money at their respective locations. You are to use the remaining $115 as sending fee for both transactions.

I hope I've been detailed as much as needed in this email


On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 3:43 PM, <> wrote:

Thanks for contacting me and I appreciate your reply to the open position but, unfortunately the position has been taken and no longer available. Luckily for you, I have a very suitable position/offer. Basically, I'm seeking someone who can help me run a few errands and get paid for it. I'm willing to reach a mutual agreement on your preferred work hours/schedule.

I presently live in Tacoma WA, but will be moving/relocating to your area next month due to transfer from work. And due to the nature of my job, I can't get out to get some things done; so that pretty much explains why I need a local resident to assist prior to my arrival. For now, I need you to help me run a few errands before I move in, of which, I am willing to pay $400. I will be needing your service in the long term too which means it doesn't just end there after this. If you are diligent and efficient, we can work together from time to time in the future on a long term basis. Like I said, I'm willing to reach a mutual agreement on your preferred work hours/schedule but, for the errands you'll be running before I move in, I'm to pay $400 as earlier stated.

Errands for now which can be run within a day or two simply includes paying bills, some shopping, paying for the furniture/interior fittings and electronics movers for the new property at Walmart. The job is quite flexible so I seek someone that is ready to start as soon as possible as I don't mind you carrying out all errands during spare time outside work or school. Basically I just need someone I can trust.

Please reply with the following details if you are interested in the job:



Mobile Phone Number:

However I need you to be committed to the job if you indeed decide to take the offer so as to avoid disappointments or a waste of each other's time. Once you send the required details, you will be enlisted in my pay roll and a pay check will be made out to you which will include funds to run the errands and your pay as well. Also you will need a working bank account so you can deposit the check once received so as to avoid delay because, I want everything in order upon my arrival.

Kindly get back to me asap if you are interested in the offer. Thank you.

Bryan Horton.