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    Russia cannot lose either way with our election results

    OK here is the absolute truth about the 2016 presidential election in the United States. Russia cannot lose not matter what. The election results only changes their strategy.

    After watching thousands of hours of news coverage and reading things on the Internet told my heads going explode I figured out how Russia has a win-win situation right now.
    All this wiki leaks stuff all these things that are coming out if Donald Trump wins then he will be easier to negotiate with.

    One example would be that Russia takes care of ISIS and Trump lets Putin have a blank check over there to do what he wants with trade,lift the sanctions and it's billions and trillions of dollars and ISIS is taken care of.

    Trump could easily make that deal probably in an hour. The situation of wiki leaks and all the things that are coming up if Hillary Clinton gets elected my guess is that she will be impeached within the first month of her presidency or even before she is sworn in. When Bill Clinton was impeached there was gridlock bureaucracy and nothing really got done in government so in that scenario Russia can pretty much do whatever they want over there with slowly taking in the crappy small countries.

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    Most of it is for trade and passages for that trade and money, economics while building back the USSR empirel. Most of the countries over there anyway are corrupt. He's not going to go after England or France or Italy he's just going to scoop up some of those crappy Eastern European countries which are weak anyway. what's the difference at least till be a little bit of structure and the deal will probably be get rid of Isis.

    If Trump is really good we will have dollar gallon gasoline again. And he'll negotiate that. The big picture we definitely need Donald Trump. Because if you think Obama was weak imagine Hillary Clinton's whole candidacy is going to be in the court room. The Republicans know it and she's so dumb she should get out of the race right now and let Biden jump in to save the Democratic Party.

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    Re: Russia cannot lose either way with our election results

    Russia totally cannot lose either way. They are always think 2 , 3 , 4 steps ahead while the US plays catch up. The US invented the friggin internet and we couldn't stop all these hacks? Come on. What's next hacking the power grids and have total anarchy across the nation, especially with all the crazy African matter crap? Talk about the next Civil War. We are so screwed if Hilary gets in. And she'll be napping during the whole thing. We had a golfer that thought he was Tiger Woods, now the 5th Golden Girl that should be sent to the glue factory. Of yeah open the borders and let the USA become the next Middle East. If those savages couldn't figure crap out in 3000 years what makes you think they will assimilate to the "American Way".

    My 10 year old did this powtoon and I think its on target:

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