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Here is the instruction, After Deducting $500 as your weekly salary. You will walk into any money gram/walmart store with your bank card and pick up a Moneygram Transfer form, Then fill the sender's details with your info and receiver's info as RECEIVER'S NAME: Justin Dycus... RECEIVER'S ADDRESS: Houston, Texas, 77028. You will split the transaction into 2 places, First transaction will be $1200 and the second transaction will be done at a Western Union Store for $1000 then you will use the remaining $100 for sending charges fees. Please send both transaction to the same name as Receiver okay? That information is for my agent who will be helping me with my home electronics and furniture's, you are suppose to get this for me but i consider the stress and cost of shipment as well. So the Errands for this week is for you to help me pay the remaining funds to my agent via MoneyGram Money Transfer, Thank you.

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A quick update to let you know that your first salary has be issued together with the errands funds to your name and address you provided and for the total amount of $2800.45, It will get to you via FEDEX by morning, Here is the FEDEX Tracking number (777502380686) Also i will email/text you with the instruction on what errands/bill payment that you are to carry out at the Walmart store, Thank you.

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Good day,

My name is Walter Joseph. Thanks for applying for the open position, the position i have for you is to run errands when needed and also do little shopping for me and family at walmart. I am a busy man and sometimes i find it hard to put errands and shopping into anything i do for the week, so that is why i need your services at all time. You can do this after your school/work hours or before your school/work hours, just make sure it is done perfectly as you will be working without supervision for now.

I am currently out of town for a business meet up with some associates, and will need you to work for me prior to my arrival as i have got lots for you to handle before i get back. So are you up for it? Also I will start with $500.00 as your weekly salary, hope that is good for now for the few hours you work for me each week, it is a flexible position anyways. If you are ready to start working as i need you to run some errands for me, confirm your information with your reply so i will get to know you. Also the information requested will be used to mail your salaries via a CERTIFIED CHECK also little funds to run errands/shopping for me each week, Please ensure you have an active bank account so that once you receive the check you will deposit into your bank account, Please make sure they are correct at all time.

First and Last Names:
Complete Home Address ( with Apt/Unit/Suit Nos.):
City, State & Zip Code:
ACTIVE Cell Phone Number (s):

You will always be contacted via emails/text messages as I travels a lot, taking this position needs your cell phone (s) to be active and always with you then you check your emails every minutes/hour, yes it is a part time job but needs attention to details at all time. As soon as your information is received, you will be contacted on how to get started.

please note that you must have an active bank account to take up this position

Look forward to receiving your reply soonest!

Walter Joseph