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    Mrs michelle hussein obama

    On 10/12/2016 at 10:53 AM, "MRS MICHELLE HUSSEIN OBAMA" < mrsmichellehusseinobama1@gmail.com> wrote:
    This is the information where to send the money


    Receiver Name:....Ben udealor
    Country:.......... Benin Republic
    City :.............Cotonou
    Text Question:..... God?
    Answer:........... Bless
    Amount:.........$150 Dollar only

    Then get back to me after that ok

    ----- Forwarded message from "MRS MICHELLE HUSSEIN OBAMA" < mrsmichellehusseinobama1@gmail.com> -----
    Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 14:09:56 +0000
    To: <>

    ATTENTION MY DEAR! I have received your comprehensive email and the content well understood, My Dear, I want you to position your mind that you are not going to face the same nonsense now, that is why I take upon myself to fight for you all, I have assisted about eight beneficiaries since I stated this fight and they have received their funds and they have send me with thanks messages and gift because my advice never fail them.

    What i want to advice you now is that, I have discussed with my husband (Mr. President) regards to your transaction and he guaranteed me because he knew that I am very much interested in your transaction and he assured me that he will issue you presidential immunity waiver certificate which will authorize your transaction to be made without any delay from Bank America and immediate your fund is transferred, there will be no stoppage from any financial organization like FBI CIA, United Nations and IMF because the presidential immunity waiver certificate number will be attached in your transaction for every body to know that Mr. President immunity covers your fund transaction.

    We deliberated at length on this issue and he said that this certificate will be procured at the rate of $150 because I am involve and the payment receipt will be documented for his political oppositions not to use it against him. So My Dear, what I will advice you to do now is to try your possible best to make sure you raise this money urgently so that I will conclude everything concerning the delivery of your bank cheque draft to you

    I donít want any delay on this advice, as far as I am involve and my husband (Mr. President) have assured me of this, kindly struggle to raise this $150 and leave every other thing concerning this delivery to me and you will confirm the receipt of your fund into your account by This week Friday , this is my word and it is my bond.below is the attached copy of my driver license and my husband id I hope to get your urgent reply. Remain Blessed, MRS MICHELLE OBAMA

    On 10/11/2016 at 7:24 PM, "mrs michelle hussein obama" < WW.@rose.ocn.ne.jp> wrote:
    I am Mrs.Michelle Hussein Obama and I am written to inform you about your Bank Check Draft brought by United Embassy from the

    government of Benin Republic to the white house Washington DC and has been mandated to be deliver to your address on

    Monday,being,October 11TH, 2016 as soon as you get back to me with your below information.

    Home address:.............................
    Phone number.........................

    You check is containing the sum of $60 million USD.
    Here is my number.(573-3198-239) you can call me or send me an sms, but i prefer sms because I'm always busy in the white

    house and i cant be able to pick calls all the time.

    I will be waiting to hear from you immediately, thanks and God bless you.

    Mrs.Michelle Hussein Obama
    First Lady

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