Me and my wife were solicited at our home by Bluegrass Family Heritage insurance field representatives. They explained that policies in detail ( or what we thought was correct information)!
We bought the cardiac heart policy and ICU plan. Keep in mind, I haven't been to the doctor in over 20 years. I was never diagnosed with any heart condition. About 6 weeks after my policy was effective I had a shortness of breath and chest pain episode at home. My wife made a doctors appt. The doctor did a EKG didn't find anything wrong with my heart said I was fine. About 4 weeks later, I had another episode and went to doctor. EKG was done and it showed substantial changes in my heart rhythm. The doctors office made me take a aspirin and go straight to ER. ER doctor set up appointment with cardiologist. Testing was done ( EKG, Echo, stress test.) I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy with <40% injection fraction and was placed on heart medication twice a day for the rest of my life, and I have to carry nitroglycerin with me at all times! When we gathered all the doctors bills and filed a claim for the policy. According to BLUEGRASS FAMILY HERITAGE INSURANCE policy and paperwork- if you are diagnosed with a cardiac diagnosis the policy pays 3000.00 for your diagnosis and 190.00 for your EKG, stress test, echo. After 4 months of review and numerous emails, calls, my wife making trips to the doctors office requesting documents be mailed by doctors office to BlueGrass Family Heritage Insurance Company. We finally got a determination from Bluegrass Family Heritage Insurance company that my heart was healthy!! ( even though I was diagnosed for the first time ever with cardiomyopathy with a injection fraction >40%!!! (And I'm taking cardiac medication twice a day for the rest of my life and carry Nitroglycerin in my pocket,) Thr policy WOULD NOT pay out for the diagnosis! They only paid out a one time fee of $150 for EKG, echo and stress test!!! We were told the day we signed the contract to obtain this policy that you could cancel at anytime and any money put towards the policy would be refundable minus the amount they pay out on the policy. We paid out $1180.00 in 10 months and the only thing we got was 150.00 for the testing. We canceled our policy and had to do it in writing and we also had to pay a stop payment to our bank on the autodraft on the policy. We talked to other customers who stated they cancelled their policies but Bluegrass Family Heritage Insurance Company, continued to draft their bank accounts even after they cancelled their policies!!!! Never in my life have I seen such scammers!! The field representatives lied, the local office lied, the corporate office lied and the whole policy is a SCAM! I wouldn't buy ANY POLICY from this company!!!! Save your money and use a good dependable trust worthy company!