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    Jay Brazil is a scam artist!

    So heres the deal, at first Mr. Brazil gave me the impression of being a really nice young man. He came to my house to give us a free consultation and to discuss solar energy upgrades. He explained to me what is involved and the costs associated with it. Then he started making me feel really uncomfortable by complimenting my wife and commenting on her appearance. I dont want to overshare but my wife is a very attractive woman. I am quite used to men looking at her when we walk in the street, but Mr. Brazil was very unprofessional. I walked him out politely and thought maybe I was overreacting, but thats when things really got weird. 2 days later, Mr. Brazil called my home and spoke to my wife. I had to hear this from her, but he asked her if he could come over and show her more pictures. She tried to schedule with him when I would be home but he kept insisting that I didnt have to be there. My wife finally told him we were not interested. For 4 days he kept texting her (we have no idea how he got her cell number). We finally had to call the company office to complain. Stay away from this guy. He is not a person you would like to do business with.

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    Re: Jay Brazil is a scam artist!


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