On 10/8/2016 at 4:10 PM, "CONVENANT CHURCH" < convenantchurchofgod@gmail.com>

Dearest friend in the Lord,

Cavalry greeting to you over there, there is no problem if you cannot
visit our church in person, but if you want to receive your cheque
fund in your country over there then you have to pay your delivery
charges of one hundred and eighty-five dollars to receive your cheque
fund in your country.

You can send your delivery charges to our church secretary information
below and forward us your payment slip so that your cheque fund can be
sent to you next week Monday.


Kindly send the payment to this information of our church secretary
details above and forward us your payment details to enable you to
receive your cheque fund in your country, but please when you receive
your cheque fund do not forget to pay your tithe to Almighty God.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. John Tom
Convenant Church of God
On 10/7/2016 at 11:00 PM, "CONVENANT CHURCH OF GOD" < convenantchurchofgod@gmail.com>

Dearest friend in the Lord,I am Branch Leader and youth adviser to (Late Philanthropist Reverend Peter Milner ) who slept in the Lord on May 27th 2016 and after his death,we saw your contact from the file of our Late Philanthropist Reverend Peter Milner and we decide to write you because he want to donate fund for you to use it for Almighty God in your country before he died and you have nothing to lose than to receive the cheque fund and used it for Almighty God work because what is the benefit of a man that gain the whole world and lose the kingdom of God?Please as you read this message go ahead and get back to Convenant Church of God so that we can be able to press further with you on how to receive the cheque fund as soon as possible and we advise you to re-forward your full information below to enable us to cross check it again.1.Your Full name2.Your Full Home Address and your Country3.Your Phone Number4.Your Occupation5.Your Age6.Your Identification E.G International Passport Page or Driving LicenseKindly forward your reply to convenantchurchofgod@gmail.com in other to re-confirm it again for further action to take place and upon the receipt of your full details then we shall give you the contact of the shipping company with there website for you to contact them on how to receive your cheque fund.Yours in Christ,Rev. John TomConvenant Church of Godmayraandrea@workmail.com