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    HORIZON Rehabilitation Center Review

    Yes let's just say that this Rehabilitation Center is Huge, Clean, a Wide Parking Space and a Lot of Pretty Nurses that is why they got this 5 star rating. But this is all BULLSHITS!!!! all Lie!! and very Frustrating Hospital!!!!.......

    2 months ago I have sent my father here for emergency because he suffered an heart attack. I was really tense, worried, confused and don't know what to do really and yet the staff and doctors are moving slow!!!

    If the person sent there as an emergency they should move like that it's emergency and no fancy talking and chit chat!!.. That turns me mad and shouting at them already!

    This 5 star rating is really a big lie! this facility has to shut down for good and don't operate anymore! don't ever send your love ones here!
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