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    Sri Lanka Scammer list

    If you are selling at marketplace dont accept this buyer order he is a BIG SCAMMER

    K.I.M Waruna Akalanka Gunasekara
    Anuradhapura North Central 50386
    Sri Lanka
    TEL: +94 70 210 8883

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    Re: Sri Lanka Scammer list

    Scammed by this ANIMAL BORN human being

    Malith Moragoda -
    EBAY ID: fns_10111
    Email: [email protected]

    S N Fernando
    Bloemfontein Hostel, No 176,
    Norris Canal Road,
    Colombo 07. Western Province 00700
    Sri Lanka
    +94 71 132 8536

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    United Kingdom Scammer

    Buyer User ID fahim88
    Buyer Email [email protected]

    NAME : PORKY Mohammed Fahim Uddin
    ADDRESS : 1 Windermere Close , Dartford, Kent, DA1 2TX , UK
    tel:+44 7809 434084

    This pork face scam off a note 7 so its matter of time when the note 7 blow off his head
    shame on you porky

    UK government dont let this type of porky stay in UK they only kill the whole nation of UK reputation
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    Re: Sri Lanka Scammer list

    Hey I know you have the best of intentions here but we are trying to keep this forum more china-scam focused because they affect more people.

    If you want to help why don't you post in agreement with the China Liar's List threat to add extra credibility

    Please consider this thread to be "soft-locked" on the honor system and avoid posting in it further.

  5. 12-04-2016, 09:07 PM

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    Re: Sri Lanka Scammer list

    Can I ask admin to delete this page?

    I am unsure as to why this is here.

    But I do remember purchasing a galaxy note 5 from a seller who's located in Australia but dispatches from China.

    He sent me a fake galaxy note 5. It's a clone.

    I sent the item back with tracking. It was held in China customs and was upto him to clear it. He either didn't clear it on time or ignored it so he can claim that he didn't receive it. By then it was too late for him to receive it so only option was for them to return it back to me.

    That was only possible if he provided paperwork to them. Some kind of stamp from his company. He refused to do it saying I'm the scammer.

    How could I have possibly scammed him if I followed the rules and sent the item back to him through ebay return?

    He became very abusive. I got it as proof from my inbox.

    In the end eBay favored me and he made a loss. Even though I was telling him I will resend the item if he gives them the correct paper work for them to return it back to me. But he refused. So something is not right about him.

    Seller eBay ID is: martview

    Look at his negative feedback. Someone else mentioned the phone being a clone.

    Admin please delete his post as he is handing out personal information from his business to public. I will get ebay to close his account from data breach if he doesn't remove it.

    I screen captured everything for proof.

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