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    First Touch Rehabilitation Center Review

    Why the heck is this place still open? Should be closed down for good! I visited this place 2 months ago, when I purchased a groupon for facial and massage. What a horrible experience. Not only did the lady make me wait for an additional 30 minutes, but she left the door open the entire time! NOT PROFESSIONAL at all... especially if I'm naked under a sheet of blanket!! She was also talking to me the entire time. I came here for a massage, not to have a conversation with you. Please stop talking when someone is trying to relax after a stressful day, because most likely they're not interested talking to you. Let's talk about the facial... the lady was microwaving her food while I'm lying down with mud on my face. Just because my eyes are closed doesn't mean I don't know what you're doing. I can smell the food (door) and hear you chewing like a cow. It's very unpleasant. Please be a little professional!!! Don't demand a tip when the service is like crap. It just makes my blood boil when I'm reminded of this awful experience. Everyone, stay far away... you've all been warned!
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