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    Anaheim Lighthouse Review

    The lighthouse treatment center was by far one of the biggest jokes that me or my family have been exposed too. As a former client reading the reviews posted before mine, I noticed that any review posted that had anything positive bout this treatment center was posted by a staff member!!!! In detox there was black mold all over the bathroom n all the beds had dirty sheets on them from clients who weren't even there anymore! Male staff were extremely creepy and touchy touchy towards more then just one client. I was there for one month and saw my "counselor" one time for 15 mins and saw an actual therapist once for 30 mins. It took THREE days for the facility too pick up an extremely important prescription of mine. Also my counselor was so rude n the least non professional adult. I have never even used yelp before In my life but seriously felt the need too do so after my experience here at the lighthouse. If I were too bring ANY board of health inspection in this joint there is zero doubt that it would be shut down!!!!!!
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