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    Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation & Healthcare Review

    I was very disappointed with the care of the nursing staff there and I can't understand how they could possibly have a 5 star rating. When we would use the call light someone would usually come in within 5 minutes to find out what was needed, turn off the light and quickly forget about her.
    My mother fell out of bed twice and was injured even after I asked them to please keep an eye on her because she was trying to get out of bed.
    I felt they didn't want her to get better and wean her off the ventilator or feeding tubes in order to just keep her there forever and collect money from the insurance companies.
    The only good thing I can say was that I liked Elise in speach therapy and the staff in physical therapy. The problem was that the doctors and staff were very slow to take their requests and recommendations.
    My mother's progress completely declined while there because they just kept increasing her medications to keep her calm a sedate.
    After her second fall I moved her to a new center and her health is improving again after just one week. It is giving me hope that she will be able to come home again.
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