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    The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills Review

    This is a nightmare place! The stuff of scary dreams where you are stuck to the bed and no one helps you at all...ever! My best friends Mother is there now...They are killing her slowly! Not one nurse or orderly knows what the other is doing... no one cares...three beds to a room with TVS blasting in Spanish no one in the room spoke Spanish.... and told by Cedars Sinai Hospital that this is the best place to be....its not... it's the WORST.... its horrid....she is stuck in the middle bed between a quiet and very ill sweet lady...and a crazed and freakish looking.... sick in the head woman, with Mental issues...she screams constantly and cusses out the staff.... pushes the alarm button continually... and no one will move her out(she really needs a mental institution) ...it's intolerable...if you have no family to help you when you are sick (as many don't), you will certainly die there, you're just a number and the nurses don't give a damn at all what you ask for...at all! and the Doctors don't visit...its pandemonium, throughout...when walking in there you think 'oh this is nice'...it looks clean... but its not....keep your family away... its terrible!!! There are not enough bad adjectives to describe this place. My friends mom, who was like a mom to me, had heart surgery...now they have her on Insulin and she is not Diabetic! We were practically screaming at the nurse (to be heard above the crazy lady in bed three), not to give her the insulin shot, her numbers were low and she had just eaten pudding...her blood sugar was only 3 points high... they didn't listen, and don't care.... after the insulin shot you could see "Sally" get sicker and more spaced out... They are killing her plain and simple and don't care...Nothing we have said, or asked for, has made a dent.... to even get her out of there is like springing someone from jail...They just want the Medicare money its so obvious...OH and FYI; they are not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau so there is no one to complain too...they need to be shut down or get a better administrator...STAY FAR AWAY..... NEVER EVER GO THERE!!!!

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