When I was searching for rehab centers I didn't realize how bad Carrier Clinic Inpatient Rehab drug rehab was. Scam-O-rama right from the get go. Slick website so many crappy videos I watched about this place. Classic rope a dope scam I should've checked out the facility ahead of time for my 22-year-old son I just trusted the reputation from Google but now that I see and I've heard things from other parents I can't believe how such a sucker. I haven't seen my son in three months now I don't know where he is but it was literally three days after spoiling him and what not but I spent a Ton of money and then absolutely backfired that maybe it was too late. I was promised a lot of things and he fell short pretty hard and fast.
I fell for them hard and fast now my credit is ruined and my son is still not clean.

Be careful of reviews of Carrier Clinic Inpatient Rehab drug rehab you will see 96% of them are lies.
I kept in contact with a few people and believe me they are not cured and they all want to be.

Carrier Clinic Inpatient Rehab drug rehab with a primary focus on Mental health services and drug rehab. Specializing in Residential short term drug rehab program sober living (30 days or less), Residential long term drug rehab treatment sober living (more than 30 days), Outpatient drug rehab, Partial hospitalization drug rehab/Substance abuse day treatment