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Thread: Mystery Shopper

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    Mystery Shopper

    The check he sends will be counterfeit. Never use Western Union or Money gram or any other method other then direct bank transfer.

    On 10/4/2016 at 1:33 PM, "Melvin Hagan" < recruitmentshopper99@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Cash money order at once/at the counter at your bank and proceed with your task

    1.YOUR FIRST COMMISSION: Upon cashing the money order deduct your commission Part payment of $150 then proceed to complete your task, Your first assignment is to observe the below stores;

    1. WALMART ASSIGNMENT : Purchase any item for your use not more than $10. When CHECKING OUT you should take note of

    • Name of Cashier/Attendant.{ If Visible on Tag}
    • Store Address.
    • Receipt/Invoice Number.
    • General Observation

    2. MONEYGRAM MONEY TRANSFER ASSIGNMENT : You will proceed to a MONEYGRAM Store and evaluate/assess their money transfer service which is called ' MONEYGRAM Money Transfer'. You are to appear as a potential customer trying to transfer money to a friend or family, You will transfer the remaining $790 to our affiliate in CA in charge of charity work Through MONEYGRAM MONEY TRANSFER.incase you were asked if you know the receiver, simply tell them Yes,Ignore any further questions asked after that for you to get accurate result.
    I need you to acknowledge that you have fully understood the rest of the instruction.use money in minutes option to send Moneygram money transfer, You will send minus the transfer charges to the information below:

    RECEIVER'S NAME: Antonio williams
    CITY: westlake village
    STATE: California
    ZIPCODE: 91361

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are to transfer funds through MONEYGRAM money transfer please be aware.

    Remove transfer charges from the money you are sending.
    Also You must not disclose for any reason that you are a mystery shopper, or let them know you are evaluating their store. While making the Money Transfers you should make the below listed observations;

    • Store address
    • Name of the Cashier/Attendant{If Visible on Tag}
    • How long it took to get checkout
    • Smartness of the attendant
    • Customer Service Professionalism
    • The Senders Name on the receipt of Transfer
    • 8 digit Reference numbers on the receipt of transfer
    • The Receivers Name on the receipt of transfer
    • Exact amount of transaction sent
    • Also if you have a scanner email me a scanned copy of the receipt where the 8 digit reference number is printed/indicated

    You are expected to secretly perform the shopping operation listed above. Email all assignment reports and answers to this 2 email below :
    ( taskreport2016@outlook.com)
    ( evaluationupdate105@outlook.com)

    For your information, now that we have commenced business you should always expect another payment in at least 24-48hours from the time you emailed me with above details. I await a prompt assignment completion.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Evaluation team.
    On 10/4/2016 at 12:49 PM, "Melvin Hagan" < glola@textnow.me> wrote:

    We will like to inform you of your "FIRST SHOPPING ASSIGNMENT " which you are to start Today.(10/04/2016). The payment processing department has mailed out a MONEY ORDER.The payment is scheduled to get delivered to you TODAY.

    NOTE: Do no send reply or text to any other email address or phone except our company email address:(recruitmentshopper99@hotmail.com)

    Get back to us with a reply to show that you are in receipt of this message.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Melvin Hagan
    SEND TEXT : (234) 401-0330
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