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    Edwin Joshua and Noble Minerals and Metals Scam from Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

    The truth about Noble Minerals an Metals in Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania.

    Edwin John Joshua is the responsible manager for Noble Metals and Minerals in Dar Es Salaam and what they to prepare for any Gold or Copper Cathode deal is invite you to Dar Es Salaam. Once in their office they will tell you how they opreate and that selling Gold and Copper is getting very difficult for them because of scammers while in fact they are one of the most notorious scammers in Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania.

    They will drive with you to their bank and get Gold out of the safe (you will not be able to witness that part) after that they will melt the Gold at their office. A piece is taken to TMAA (Government Test Agency in Dar Es Salaam) and after a purity check they will give you collateral. The collateral you will get will be fake gold (either brass or something else but it will never be Gold).

    After that they will ask you to pay for local taxes and insurance (up to 7%). Please never pay anything because they are ordinary scammers. The moment you'll pay they will come with several reasons why they need extra money from you. A fact is that you will never receive any Gold. They operate as a cartel with people in Tanzania, Uganda and Nairobi , Kenya.

    Please understand that the following names are blacklisted.. When you see any of these names just run away and don't look back. They will scam you for the highest amount possible and have no mercy with their victims:

    Edwin John Joshua aka Richard Joshua
    Gold and Copper Cathode Scammer based in Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania
    CEO at Noble Metals and Minerals in Dar Es Salaam
    Email : [email protected]

    Simon Palm Shoo
    Scammer Associate and righthand man for Scam expert Edwin John Joshua for Noble Metals and Minerals
    Email: [email protected]

    Steve Mbogo also known as Steve Mbogo Ndwiga or Steve Ndegwa
    Gold and Copper Cathode Scam associate for Edwin Joshua based in Nairobi , Kenya
    Company: This guy is using several companies but one of them is Future Flow Enterprises in Nairobi , Kenya
    Email: [email protected]

    Noble Metals and Minerals will often use EAS Tanzania LTD based in Dar Es Salaam for their fake documets and Airway Bills.

    Again, watch out for these people and these companies. We are here for honest business and people need to be warned and protected against these crooks

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you need evidence or advise.

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    Re: Edwin Joshua and Noble Minerals and Metals Scam from Dar Es Salaam Tanzania


    The scam you mention is fairly common in the world of "gold". Its important to note that the people simply robbed of money are the lucky ones. Several US citizens have actually flown to Africa looking for the people responsible for the theft only to be killed.

    There are a few tell tale signs of a fraudster, a huge red flag is free email accounts. Real businesses have domain names and email accounts associated with that name that require ID and a credit card. If they can't swing that walk away.

    Yes it is true that a very few real people use free email but betting against those odds is a looser.

    If you're buying gold at a discount of greater then 3-5% (and thats tough) you are involved in the commission of a crime knowingly or not, its either fake, stolen or illegally mined.

    On 47th street in manhattan any gold 24K you have can be sold for green cash at the per ounce quote that day, transactions of over 250K (in green cash) require one days notice. SO no one needs to discount gold.

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    Re: Edwin Joshua and Noble Minerals and Metals Scam from Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

    Edwin John Richard Joshua - changed his name into Franco Richard or Richard Joshua since he is exposed as a scammer online - and Simon Palm Shoo are behind several companies under their Umbrella (Holding) Company Structure and you need to be protected as all they're trying to do is scam you !

    The holding company used by these scammers is Kamuzo General Supllies in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

    Katanga Import and Export is one of their other companies which is currently used to scam Gold and Copper Cathode buyers. Same procedure as with their other companies is used.. See previous post.

    Noble Metals and Minerals is another company under the same Holding in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

    Just stick to the following rule and you're safe: Do not pay anything upfront. If you do, you will never receive goods. Even the collateral they will give you will be brass. Just do not trust them. Period !

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