Seaside Palm Beach Rehab was the worst facility I ever went to after going through three days of DTs and after sweating and shaking. This center is the worst place I was given food on the planet. It was like a bad clip from a prison movie. I'd literally been there just a week with me and horrible overcooked vegetables I can't believe that they serve this bad of food for the amount of money I put up. They wouldn't even let me order in a pizza or anything that's how strict they were. The facilities were decent the people were all right but to give it a C+ would be stretching the imagination. I am sorry about ranting about the food, but when you are trying to get clean, food is the next best thing to distract you from drugs. 1 day was like 1 month. Seaside Palm Beach rehabilitation center I would not recommend. Soooooo overpriced too.