Hello supporters and potential supporters of Matts Mission (founder of charity to make children’s smiles glow). There are a few things you need to know about where your money is actually going. This unlike the feeble attempt made to sabotage Matt through a false profile is not an attack at his charity or the children that have no doubt benefitted from some of the funds that have been raised but a chance to find the truth out for yourself with the evidence I am providing.
Charity Website
Firstly let’s look at the website. Please for your own proof take a visit to
the webpage. Where has it gone???? Why take a website down when you’re just about to raise so much money for these poorly children. So the next step of course would be to visit a business to business page like this one:

from here why not click on the link of his registered charity you can see it clearly and this will take you to his official registration page, how much he pays in, takes out etc. What happens???
Did you get ‘
404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.?’ Soooo what’s going on? Surely as a registered charity his details wouldn’t have just disappeared within days?
Charities Trustees
Charity registered in 2007 right? Trustees? Take a look for yourself please:

The named trustees are:
Raymond Goodwin, MR Matthew Denning, Jade Lockley, MR Matthew Turner
Seems legit. Who are these people? And more worryingly after supporting the charity why have they cut ties with him? Why are they no longer on his social networking page except his brother of course, you know the Web designer that set up the website for him that doesn’t actually work since someone has been sending him messages each night on his Facebook questioning his ethics???
Four years later and he changes the charity name from MATTS MISSION (Old Name) to MATTS MISSION (Working Name). Well at least he kept the name the same, but this is because…drum roll please….
He has changed ALL of the trustees.
Last link says charity set up in 2007 so why on earth does his linked in page say 2011…I suppose we all forget things at times but surely the 4 years he spent with his beloved trustees haven’t slipped his mind? Have they? Easy come easy go.

bless this fundraising man, a little snippet from the above link follows:
Matt's Mission Children charity is a dedicated registered charity founded by Matt October 2011, Matt set up the charity having previously raised £12,000 over 3 years for the local Birmingham Children's Hospital where he took on two amazing challenges, skydiving 15000 feet and reaching the top of Kilimanjaro. As well as this putting on 3 entertainment shows at big venues. March 2012 Matt's own charity registered and to date £22,000 has already been raised from events.
Hold up a minute I need to get my glasses because I swear it was 2007 that the official page states he set up the charity.
Anyway moving back to the treasurers. They seem to have changed and now ‘Luke Mclean’ the very trustworthy founder of another charity called Young Stars in Castle Vale and Bromford just google ‘Matt Denning Luke Mclean’. As I say we can’t access his website for some reason the account has been suspended.
Here’s this lovely lads site:

Here meeting Little Mix where he was doted on and even had lots donated:

And do read this page and see what the responders have to say about his hard work:

Anyone see anything familiar there. The promise of something that was never to be he was promised funding for a venture he wasn’t even given planning permission for. Even the show found the behaviour strange and withdrew. The Castle Pool politely stepped away and as the feedback rightly said it seems strange that Luke thought it was a sealed deal. I do believe he was also told to get a real job like everyone else.
Anyway lets get back on to Matt, the lovely chap as this is what it’s all about of course. This kind loving gent making kids smile isn’t it?
This lucky guy for those that have been paying close attention was offered a great deal of money from a donor in New Zealand if I remember rightly. Thankfully things don’t disappear from Facebook and as you are on his page you can look it up by scrolling down. He’s got almost everything he needs for the Lapland appeal. Great news!!! But nope it wasn’t to be. There was no proof of the money ever being sent or received but Matt did inform us lovely donors that it was all a con. Someone got on his giving page and ‘pretended to send the money to him’. Someone from all that way thought it was so important to send a pretend bank transfer through a secure site and then take it back? Anyone else ever heard of this before?
I have two theories and I state them as theories because we have Matts word this is what occurred. Well here goes….This person either did donate the money and it was never to be seen again OR maybe it was a sympathy thing to get people to donate more….which kind of reminds me of the fluctuating figures of late.
Anyone donate to the latest fundraiser for Lapland ‘quid for a sick kid’? You know a few young kids had fundraisers to collect for poorly children? How much did he actually make from it? Yesterday it was just under 400 today nearer 500? Hang on I’m sure the money was added up ready for the final total to be announced YESTERDAY? What radio station we can hear the winner talk on? Someone asked over a week ago but was ignored….But no…it’s not about the prize it’s about the poorly kids isn’t it? Soooo later down the page after drawing people in through promises of great reward he puts a poll up for us lovely followers via a link that takes you to the ‘quid for a sick kid’ facebook page. What’s the poll???

How rude!!! Does it matter why people want to do it so long as those poorly kids get to Lapland? Mate you’re scaring people off being such a cocky righteous git!!!
28th September 2016 ‘Over 840 invites sent out and only 34 confirmed as attending and so many not even replied. Please remember by attending you help raise vital funds for very sick children fighting cancer and all funds will go towards Ruby, Abbey, Ellie and Elle, Harrison, Gracey going to Lapland this Christmas. Last year five families went and sadly despite the amazing time the family had and all the memories, one child sadly passed away having been fighting Cancer. This is why attending events like this one is so important and any donations you can give. Contact or Email or go online to get tickets for £8 or £10 on the door. Psychic Mini Work shop is at the end and an additional £10 and £12 on the door.’
Did you see the kids named? I saw that too then he completely denies having mentioned names when is anonymously in boxed and no that actually wasn’t me. That was someone else who smelled a rat. However they had a point asking why he is naming children when he is nowhere near the total ‘apparently’.
A little snippet from the reply is ‘For the benefit of the lovely person that just messaged saying I’m cruel for allowing the families to believe they will be going to Lapland when only few weeks away and nowhere near the target. One please don't message using a fake page, two the children are not told due to their health which could stop them going….’.

Soooo lets go further and scan his posts. Sorry guys this is going to be time consuming I’m afraid but let’s start with the events that keep going up and people show an interest and then he cancels them due to lack of interest. He promises refunds to those that are unable to attend further events but literally guilt’s them into taking their own money because he cannot provide what has been offered. If you want to know why people are not paying for your events this is why….you keep putting them up and then when people pay cancelling and then making them feel guilty for asking for their own money back.
Speaking of money who is paying the rent on your shop that’s going down the drain Matt???? I mean if it’s not even bringing in £20 some days what are you paying your rent with and who is paying for the electricity for the sensory lights that you seem to have more fun with than the kids??? I know for sure my outdoor lights cost a bomb at Christmas and you’re lighting the place up every single night like a grotto for your video’s. Just wondering as you can’t be signing on as you would actually have to be looking for work to do that, you say you don’t pay yourself a wage and it’s all for the kids but NO ONES TURNING UP!! You’re raising money for Lapland yet no matter how much you get you just want more and seem to be getting further away from the goal despite the fact that you have managed to collect a good few hundred quid in collections…or am I imagining your donations that are supposed to be coming in thick and fast on your wall. The brags of ‘I’ have collected £100 here, I have been donated a few hundred OR THOUSAND there. If you wanted to do it for the children very poorly with cancer you would have shut up shop as soon as you realised it was failing. I mean you have said you’re paying over a grand each month in rent and opened at least in May then telling your followers off for not turning up. You do realise some people have real jobs that pay their rent not a bucket to collect with. Who paid the deposit? Who pays your phone bill because with all those videos you post of you walking home talking to yourself your data allowance must be huge?
That’s £12’000 for your charity shop/sensory room/under 18’s disco/soft play area/ weight watchers meet up or whatever the hell it is by the time you decide and finish throwing a paddy on your wall. Have you not noticed that you have numerous friends but how many actually follow you??? How many come to the shop?? What was it??? 15 children including siblings??? Seriously You made 15 kids smile in a few months costing you thousands and you could have easily rented a room for £30 and thrown a party for a lot less. I’ve seen a better turnout for the dentist in one day! Is this fundraiser really about the kids or is it that you know children with cancer bring in funds??? Your totals never add up to the amount of money you say you have raised. If you’re going to lie then at least be a good liar.
Charity or not ‘the first rule of sales is being able to sell yourself’. You’re obviously not a people person you are rude, obnoxious and narcissistic. Yes I said NARCISSISTIC!!! All of your posts are about poor little you somewhere in there. Could the followers possibly get a post from you that’s not about you????
You started this charity with trust (and hair) and now you have little of either and both are leaving you rapidly. When you are shaking your tin in town do the fundraisers know that they are paying your rent??? Such a decent guy like you would never ever tell people that it’s for the children with cancer and Lapland Appeal knowing that’s not the case? In any other trade it would be known as false advertising and trading standards would be brought in but little old Matt who knows that he can’t afford the shop is doing it for the good of the children.
You worked at Thomas Cook for 7 months apparently during the time your charity was founded in 2007 till today! You really are a superhero to be in two places at one time.
Were you really ever a teenager? Why would a teenager pass your shop, see a pool table and call their mates to come and play?? It has ‘Charity shop’ written on the front. I thought you did your research mate?? Children have iPhones, games consoles and pride. They don’t want to hang about in a Charity shop….it’s social suicide. You want instant reward that doesn’t happen overnight. You’re competing with numerous charity shops on the high street that are cheaper than you and you rent in a high poverty area. Even the bank and chemist had the common sense to close not long after you moved in. Maybe they saw something you didn’t.
Turnover and expenditure tax for the last 3 years:

31 Mar 2013 £8,525 £8,525
31 Mar 2014 £30,012 £29,350
31 Mar 2015 £8,525 £8,525

Do check for yourselves readers: it’s on the right hand side of the official page the link leads to in black and white. Take away electricity, Mobile phone bill for those lonely walks home talking to yourself…it doesn’t add up mate….oh and don’t forget that he raised almost £12’000 last year for the kids to go to Lapland. I could have sworn you declared only collecting £8,525??? Nope? Must be my eyes AGAIN. You may argue he gets so much tax free which is correct, however it still all has to be declared or everyone would be saying they only earned a certain amount. No one likes paying tax, it’s just well I don’t know ‘the law’ and in part what pays for the children you’re taking to Lapland….you know THE GOOD OLD NHS????
But you can raise thousands in a few short months what was a recent post stating? You earned almost £12,000 in less than 3 months??? REALLY YOUR RENT IS A MINIMUM OF 1000 PER MONTH!!! As you collect all year round where did the rest go??? Easy come easy go I suppose.
MATTS MISSION is a way of funding your dream of owning and paying for a shop on the money raised from sick children. You sent them to Lapland…yes, but what percentage of what you raise is going to Lapland appeal? How much is going to the shop that is obviously failing? Who is paying the bills for the said shop.. If you had interest then great, if your venture’s paid off then great…you can’t afford to do both so stop lying to yourself and the people. You can raise £200 to £400 plus shaking your bucket in town but raise less than £20 some days in the shop. What research did you actually do? Seriously mate get real. You say online doesn’t work yet Imogen’s fund raised almost £3000 in 24 hours. You ask for people to give ideas and then take no notice or berate them like children when all they’re trying to do is help.
Oh and don’t you think you should let people know how much you are getting in offline donation? We know you have more than £165 in donations because it’ s all over your god damn Facebook so be more transparent. Facts, figures, if people are going to give you money they have every right to know where it’s being spent. You spend the next 3 months collecting and raise £10,000 where’s the other 9 months money gone??? Just saying.

All that bragging about this astro turf at the front of your charity store for the kiddies….there’s more on the crazy golf course at Star City and that’s on a roof. You want kids to have a kick about on that? By the main road, right by your windows? Are you for real????
If you want to throw your money away in aid of cancer I suggest you buy some new equipment for your local hospital or sponsor a child directly. This man seriously needs reporting and to get a real job where he pays taxes if he wants to support the children. His supporters are dropping daily, his lies are obvious and guess who is paying for his dream of glory that benefits him more than any poor child in the community???? That’s right YOU!!!!

All of the evidence links I have found have been removed as per the rules of this site until i have posted 5 times, after which i will post the version with all of the link in place. Together we can make sure all of the money raised will go to where it is ment to and not to line the pockets of some scummy man.