I bought a drone at a cost of 366 Euros from them and 2 weeks later it arrived with the US cables which do not work in EU (which makes you wonder what logic do they use when they are making their shipments to an EU country!) When I managed to get some adapters from a friend in order to be able to test the product, it was only to find out that it didn't work. I contacted their customer service, and after a lot of mails back and forth and sending them videos that are live in YouTube they asked me to return the product at my own cost. However, when I checked their Product Warranty policy that they have published on their website: www.baggood.com/Toy-and-Hobbies-Return-Policy_hi591 they clearly say that for products defective on arrival: "We will be in charge of all of the return shipping fees" so, either their Customer Service lied to me in order to get more money from me or their warranty policy is a cheat. I confronted them and told them I would not pay for the return shipment. Instead, I referred them to their own warranty policy and sent them an estimation of the return shipping cost so they would know in advance how much it would cost them (I wanted to give them the transparency they did not offer to me) They then refused to pay. Instead they "generously" offered me a 50% refund. Now, why would any reliable, legitimate business make me pay 180 Euros (almost 200 dollars!) for something that does not work!!. It is useless, so all I can do is throw the whole thing to the garbage. Why does their warranty policy publicly talk about full refund when they do not do such thing? Why would they ask a customer to pay for returns while advertising they pay for them fully? Only real trustworthy companies follow through their promises. Banggood is not one of them. If you do not want to be cheated out of your money DO NOT SHOP THERE. They are not trust worthy and do not comply with what they advertise. Instead, THEY WILL TRY TO CHEAT YOU.