We had hired their services to ship our product to Brazil and on September 7th 2016 we delivered the goods to their warehouse ready to be shipped. We received invoice from them on 8th September for the shipment payment to be made before shipping also we were notified that there will be mid-autumn holidays from 15th September and payment needs to reach them before that for them to arrange shipment. We made the payment on 9th Sep and sent them receipt of it via wire transfer on 12th September. We received email from them asking for the Tax ID of the consignee which was given to them on the 13th September. Our bank confirmed that the money left our account on 9th September itself and received by their bank on 12th September.
Now they started saying that they received the payment on 18th Sep and asking for the warehouse charges in addition to shipping charges of USD 2038 which we have already paid and the goods were still not shipped and were holding our goods. There was no mention of warehouse charges during our negotiations for their services and they have created all this situation and delay to keep the goods in the warehouse and extort more money from us citing delay of payment which is absolutely incorrect as our bank confirmed that they received it on the 12th Sep 2016., Now they started asking for additional USD 4500 upfront and said that they would ship it post receiving USD 4500 which we countered with USD3000 and payment at the time of delivery and through third party escrow payment website https://paysafeescrow.com as we had lost complete trust on this Company by then there was no guarantee that they would ship our goods post taking another USD 4500. They flat out refused our proposal at the end we had to pay additional USD $350 to get the our own goods released to our partner in HK this way they took all these money without actually shipping (as per our resources storage can not be USD 2388 for less than two weeks) and not refunding anything out of $ 2308 despite repeated requests. This is clearly a scam and fraud to extort money with no or minimum effort and actually shipping. If there is any Chinese Govt platform where we can file a criminal complaint against this company please let us know. Please beware of this company.