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    Freight forwarder scam

    a "company" with a professional looking website reycomco.com from Argentina made what seemed to be a reasonable order. Then they asked if we could use their freight company DWTShippers.com, we have dealt with this kind of transaction before so it wasn't totally unreasonable.

    1st flag: shipper is based in Ghana (west Africa)
    2nd flag: shipping was $1700.00... for a 45lbs package
    3rd flag: the US address on DWTshippers.com doesn't exist
    4th flag: both DWTshippers.com and reycomco.com were both registered on the same day, 2 minutes apart, through the same register, hosted at the same place (uk), and created 9/16/16... 4 days before they contacted us.

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    Re: Freight forwarder scam

    Thanks a lot for posting about ReyComco and DWTShippers.. if it wasn't for your post they might have got us.. My company experienced the same thing.. ReyComco. asked for a quote.. we sent them pricing.. Then they sent over a professional looking PO and he asked us to use DWTShippers for the frieght to Venezuela.. DWT quoted the frieght charges at $1500. He said that they would like to pay by credit card for the order and shipping charges.. the total was a little over $6,000 so I sent them an invoice and he gave us the credit card info. We tried to process the card.. it was declined.. then he gave me a new set of credit card numbers.. they were also declined.. finally the 3rd set of card numbers he gave me went through.. I found that to be a little questionable.. But we figured as long as we waited until the funds reached our account for the credit card payment we would be good.. The funds reached our account so I contacted DWTShippers to schedule the frieght pick up and they are asking for full $1500 payment in advance for the shipment.. i found this strange so i googled DWTShippers and your post came up..
    I'm not sure what to do now.. or if we are still in any danger of scam / theft.. we have received the $6000 from ReyComco's credit card.. I'm guessing it is either a stolen or fake credit card they gave us.. or if it is their card maybe they were going to report it as fraudulent charges after we paid DWTShippers the $1500 and that was the scam.. if you have any input or advice please let me know.. Thanks a lot..

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    Re: Freight forwarder scam

    We have just received PO from Reycom.Co asking us to send goods to Venezuela using 'alconfreightlines'. It looked a bit suspicious to us so we went for a search on the web and found this thread. Thank you so much for helping us to avoid this scam.

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