I received an email from jerry.walden@unitedcargocenter.com on 9/21/16 as titled 'job vacancy.' Job offers $1700.00 base salary + $15 for each processed parcel as a bonus (1ST probation month)$2700.00 base salary monthly rate + $10 bonus (bi-weekly payments starting from 2ND and next months). I contacted Jerry at # +1 (801) 895-31-84. I gave him my driver's licence info with a picture id to verify it's me for the job offer. On 9/23/16 I received the hiring paperwork, which included signing to accept the job offer and my Social Sec. for w2. Today I tried to call from the company website at #1 (385) 715-1974 and the machine hung up on me. I then found complaints at the website http://www.yellowpages.com/salt-lake...nter-530168472
Two other people had similar experience, but they received the packages that are sent to your house and sent them back out to an attached address. The scam is they send you a bill at the end of the month of the items that were sent to your home. I am worried about my Driver's license and Social Security and a bill that will be sent out to me.