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    Re: This is disturbing

    Quote Originally Posted by sojustask
    But we aren't passing judgment or knocking the troops. And we aren't judging the entire military, just the small segment that would do this and the hierarchy that would order them to.

    Lady Mod
    Perhaps more troubling than the murderous atrocities committed by US troops, are the coverups committed by those in the command structure.

    The former is "understandable" on one narrow level. The latter is outright disgraceful criminality, a fraud (particularly on the American taxpayer) and no less than the aiding and abetting of terrorism.

    After the murders, they were handing out $2500 to each of the victimized families as "compensation".
    Only those at the command level have the authority to authorize that.

    I wonder how some of the filthy Neo-Con, Bush supporting trash around here would respond to a $2500 payoff from an invading army as compensation for the murdering of their family members.

    What goes around comes around.

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    Re: This is disturbing

    Quote Originally Posted by sojustask
    But we aren't passing judgment or knocking the troops. And we aren't judging the entire military, just the small segment that would do this and the hierarchy that would order them to.
    I'm not saying all you guys in particular, I've heard about it on the news, on other threads on this site...I'm just saying that I wish people would see this.

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    Re: This is disturbing

    Quote Originally Posted by Grim17
    The only question I have is, if this is credible, why did this take a year to surface?

    i think i know how you FEEL!?i was just quietly!? "TURBING" all by myself.......when......I GOT DISSED!?can i call ya brother?hehe!!just askin.....ther's salt!?ther's spice!there's naughty and nice!..pick 1 and go with it!?and dont forget.....politically/economically correct!?IT PAYS!?now and.......!?hehe!!
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