I ordered a 'how to make money online' home study video course from that company for $2000 and they never delivered. I handed them $2000 and got nothing in return. Customer support said "it is being made at the moment, please check back shortly". 4 days later, and still no product, none of the advertised I ever received, so I asked for refund. They said refund is on the way, check in 5-7 days. In my opinion, they were trying to run the clock on their 7 day refund policy rule, so you can't refund. Now i'm worried I won't get my refund in the same way I never got the product I ordered. Like most 'IM products' I got sucked in by the income claims, mansions, fancy cars and the 'make money online' hope.

I'd highly suggest you watch this video before doing business with Tecademics or Chris Record: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0LZ6DNCgrY