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    Crooked Canadian Corporate & Criminal Lawyer Solicitor Bill Gilmour Needs To Be Outed!

    Do you think a former crooked narcotics cop can possibly be an honest lawyer? The man was asked to resign from the Toronto Police Force and then became an RCMP Mountie where he wrongfully shot an unarmed teenager in the back in the Yukon Territories and once again asked to resign. So he became a charming lawyer whose first law firm Prouse, Dash, & Crouch also asked him to resign after his billing frauds caused the law firm to be audited by Revenue Canada.

    On August 14, 2001, Big Bill Gilmour was arrested for child abuse on a 10 year child - his own son. But he cooperated with U.S. federal authorities, sabotaged his own client, and as a reward, got the court filed sealed and adjudication witheld. He was also allowed to steal the home of that client with a false claim in another country where he knew his client could not legally travel to! Need/Want proof? Help yourself to the below documentation...




    ALso be aware that aside from billing fraud, and snitching for rewards, his other speciality is embellishing his legal achievements, more than half of which are fabricated according to his own colleagues and articling students. https://www.thestar.com/opinion/edit...editorial.html
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    Re: Crooked Canadian Corporate & Criminal Lawyer Solicitor Bill Gilmour Needs To Be Outed!

    Maybe you should take a look at this... http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/solici...dumb-trust-him

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