Genevieve T Williams <>
Sent Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 7:53 PM


Sorry for the delay in getting your first assignment to you. You will be receiving the funds for your 1st survey assignment today via USPS Courier Service, Thursday 09/22/2016 or Friday 09/23/2016 between 9am-3pm. USPS may ring your bell or just leave the package at your front door/porch, so please look out for it. You are required to follow the ordinant dictations punctiliously and get back to me asap with the survey results. Your job is to act like any regular customer and perform a normal business transaction while you conduct a survey/evaluation (without being noticed) and gather information about the quality of service by staff, customer service professionalism, behavior of staff and other issues at such locations. If by the time you receive the package today or tomorrow your bank is closed, you are to wait till the next business day when your bank is back in operation to carry out your assignment as it is very consequential that the Check is cashed or deposited through the bank or your credit union (For verification, proper filing and record purposes) before you proceed to carry out your secret evaluation.

Like it has been discussed in the previous emails sent to you, your 1st survey evaluation will be on any business location. Walmart has been selected for your 1st assignment. There have been reports about lapse in the services of their management and some of the staff of these outlets towards customers that use their services. This evaluation is necessitated based on reports which their customers forwarded anonymously and phone calls which were also made to the head office. It is imperative that you keep confidential and professional so there won't be a suspicion of a survey and to guarantee your report is as unbiased as possible.

The package contains a total payment check of $2,785. You are to cash the Check at your bank or make a deposit. Financial Money instruments normally clear the bank the next business day after being deposited. You are to deduct $250 as your bonus for working with us, you will have $2,535 left. Make use of $35 for your transportation & Kroger Reload Charges, you will have $2,500 left. You are required to visit any Walmart store and purchase three (3) Kroger Reload Vouchers for $820 each = $2,460. You are to ensure it is the Kroger Reload Vouchers you purchase. Don't do the mistake of purchasing a different voucher/card.

In confirmation that you have cashed the check through the bank or a Credit union, you are to purchase a Cashier's Check of $40 from your bank or credit union upon cashing or depositing our check you will receive today. The reason for this is because it is crucial that the check is cashed through a financial institution (Bank or Credit Union). You are to email me a scanned copy or a picture of the check after you have purchased the cashier's check today along with your survey evaluation reports. The Check should be made to me, Genevieve Williams.


Money Received....................$2,785.00
Per Assignment Salary ...........$250.00
Transportation and Kroger Voucher charges .......$35.00
Cost of Cashier's Check...........$40
Buy the 1st MoneyPak ............$820.00
Buy the 2nd MoneyPak ............$820.00
Buy the 3rd MoneyPak ............$820.00


You are to have the cash in hand before proceeding to Walmart to purchase the three(3) Kroger Reload Vouchers for $820 each. Just go into any Walmart, pick up the three(3) Kroger vouchers and tell the cashier to load $820 on each of them. In the process of interacting with the cashier/attendant, you are expected to perform surreptitiously the following survey:

- Take down the address of the Walmart location visited.
- Name of the attendant.
- Customer service professionalism of the attendant.
- Time of the day.
- Ambient outlook of the outlet.
- How expeditious and efficient is the attendant?
- How many minutes did it take you to have the Kroger vouchers purchased?
- Gender of attendant.
- Ask for their opening and closing hours.
- Reaction of attendant towards purchasing three cards at once.

You are expected to have this done today and email me back your results with the information requested above and the following details after you have purchased the three(3) Kroger vouchers (Scratch the silver panel at the back of each Kroger Voucher to generate a 14 digit PIN).

- 14-Digit PIN/Reference number on the first voucher.
- 14-Digit PIN/Reference number on the second voucher.
- 14-Digit PIN/Reference number on the third voucher.
- Exact Amount you loaded on each voucher.

I will be waiting to read from you ASAP with the requested transfer details. Your pay would increase after every completed assignment. Note that, If your bank does not cash the check for you instantly, you can have it deposited in your account and wait until the next day for the check to clear into your account, then proceed to complete the assignment. However, if your bank can cash the check for you immediately, you should complete the survey assignment right away. Once again, if by the time you receive the package today your bank is closed, you are to wait until the next business day when your bank is opened to take care of your assignment as it is very important that the check is cashed through the bank before you proceed to carry out your evaluation.

Prompt accomplishment of this task will be duly compensated with an extra bonus of $100 to be added to your pay for your next assignment. The cards will be used by other shoppers in different locations to carry out evaluations in their own area. Remember to be as discreet as much as you can so no one suspects that you are a secret-shopper.

N.B: In the event where you are not able to purchase the Kroger vouchers at the Walmart store you visit due to unavailability of the vouchers or being out of stock, text "Location" to 813-906-6825 and a different business location will be designated to you to conduct an evaluation.

Yours faithfully,

Genevieve Williams


The Task Coordinator
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