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    New IT Tech Testimony Before Congress Will Get Hillary Indicted For Perjury & Obstruction

    Finally, there is evidence that Hillary cannot delete nor conceal as the "STONETEAR" scandal unravels at Reddit and hundreds of citizens saved the screen shots that the CongressionalOversight Committee will now scrutinize; http://fortune.com/2016/09/21/hillar...emails-reddit/

    I think we all agree that Fortune Magazine is a credible source. Also see https://youtu.be/S_GxUTPpZRo?t=201

    This fiasco will prove to the world that Hillary bltantly (lied) about why her emails disappeared. It was not an accidental mistake, but a deliberate attempt to tamper with evidence, destroy evidence, and obstruct justice. Most of us probably would have done the same think to protect ourselves from arrest and criminal prosecution, but it is still very much a felony crime. Just another to add to the growing list.
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