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    Nirvana Audio Chris Shaw Scam

    Has anyone else had an appalling experience with Chris Shaw, Rachel Holden, David Brennand and David Arden at Nirvana Audio Preston?

    Nirvana Audio claim to be a quality provider of audio visual equipment in Preston Lancashire. However, they are out and out fraudsters.

    Here is my experience.

    After buying an audio system throughout my house for over 10k I was told that the system had been installed but that there were certain problems with it. They said they would return to solve the problems.

    The reality was that the 750 of equipment they had installed (I checked the retail value) did not work at all. Following repeated calls to Chris Shaw I eventually got one of their engineers to visit. Six weeks later an engineer eventially visited. They indicated that they had resolved the problem and in fairness we did get music and TV working. However, the following day it didn't work again.

    We called again and two weeks later got another visit. We had music and TV again for a few hours. I asked the engineer why the problems were occurring and after a cup of coffee and a chat he told me that Nirvana Audio Preston used equipment that they did not fully understand, they were not trained and they received complaints regularly. The system broke down again the next day.

    We were once again in touch with them. Chris Shaw himself called back and said that they were having multiple problems with all of their systems and could we bear with him because he had a huge backlog of complaints and problems to deal with. I said it was unacceptable and he said that he had been told by Rachel Holden, David Brennand and David Arden that he should prioritise new sales over problems with existing customers. I told him this was unacceptable and he said that he didn't care but would send somebody out when they could.

    A week later an engineer turned up unannounced. The engineer was harassed and admitted he was getting grief from all of Nirvana's customers. He said that he needed to replace a faulty part and a week later he came back to fit the part. The system worked for about a week.

    A month later, we received an invoice for the replacement part - 1125. Unbelievable!!!! This was a part that had been replaced in an audio and visual system from Nirvana Audio Preston that had never worked. We told them there was no way we were paying.

    The next thing we knew, our 15 year old son was in the house on his own and two bully-boys turned up at the house. They said that Nirvana had sent them and that unless he let them in the house they would smash the windows and take back the system. Our 15 year old boy was frightened as was our 8 year old son who heard about it. He would not sleep for several days. I contacted Chris Shaw to discuss it and he would not answer my calls.

    Chris Shaw is an evil bully. He sold a 10k+ audio visual system that doesn't work and then threatened my child. Please do not use this nasty service. On google I note that they have a 5 star review. However, there are only 4 people providing this review and they are all pseudonyms of Chris Shaw, Rachel Holden, David Brennand and David Arden. Would a really reputable company have only 4 reviews, all fake and artificial?

    Steer clear of this scam company. Chris Shaw is an evil, nasty child-bullier ( by instructing other people to threaten my son). There are so many other good audio visual companies you would b crazy to go here. AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Nirvana Audio Chris Shaw Scam


    I cant believe they did this too you as well.

    Chris Shaw is a scammer beyond belief. Not only that he sent his hatchett men to try and scare me to.

    He has to be the nastiest man ever. Stole my money gave me a system that didnt work then tried to scare me sending people to my house when i wouldnt pay him for his crap system.

    Do not use Nirvana Audio Preston at all costs and avoid bully boy Chris Shaw like the plague. He is a nasty horrible man. Comes across all nice and charming and butter wouldnt melt then sends thugs to get more money when his useless audio doesnt even work.

    I have never met his partners in crime david brennand and david arden but wtf would they be involved with this scammer if they werent as corrupt themselves. They must know hes sending bullies to intimmidate people even when theyve paid and his system doesnt work.

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    Re: Nirvana Audio Chris Shaw Scam

    I Agree ............

    Wot a nasty piece of work Chris Shaw is .............

    Paid him a load of money got a music experience in my lounge that didnt work...........

    No repairs..........

    Then he demands more money...............

    And sends people round to collect it..............


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    Re: Nirvana Audio Chris Shaw Scam

    Yes me too.

    Do not go here to Chris Shaw and Nirvana Audio - I met Chris and he seemed great - could not do enough for us - told us that he was the north wests biggest provider of audio visual and that he had done the audio visual for wayne rooney - nicky butt - david moyes - and so on - really good sales mand and i liked him and thought he was real

    How wrong could I be - Chris Shaw is just a con man and nirvana audio is a con - paid a huge sum of money that i had got because i was made disabled in a car accident - chris took the money fitted a music system and tv system and then after 1 day nothing worked - called Chris Shaw and suddenly hes not mr nice guy now hes got his money - tells me its my fault the system doesnt work - its been in one day?????????????????

    what next? tells me he will send someone out. 3 weeks later they arrive and tell me i have broken a box - i havent even touched it - and that they will get a new one - it arrives - system works about 3 days - then i get a bill for 750 - why????????? i already paid for this and it just didn't work.

    one day im in the house and theres a ring on the door - two men come and say give me 750 and another 400 for them calling - i say why - they say they are there for Nirvana Audio and need the money for Chris Shaw, Rachel Holden, David Brennand and David Arden - they need me to pay otherwise they will conme in and take things from my house.

    I pay them because I am scared and I am in a wheel chair. I ring Chris Shaw and say he needs to fix my system. He tells me to F*** O**- I have lost all my money on this and no audio visual working- I hate Chris Shaw and Nirvana Audio Visual.

    I am saying this because I dont want you to make the same mistake I did - go to someone better

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    Re: Nirvana Audio Chris Shaw Scam

    I hate this man for what he threatened to my family

    Chris Shaw Scam
    Nirvana Audio Preston
    Christopher Shaw Preston
    Nirvana Audio Visual
    Rachel Holden
    David Brennand
    David Arden

    You can say whatever you want I'm not paying you any more for your lousy expensive audio equipment that only works on and off;

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    Re: Nirvana Audio Chris Shaw Scam

    Quote Originally Posted by nirvanavictim View Post
    On google I note that they have a 5 star review. However, there are only 4 people providing this review and they are all pseudonyms of Chris Shaw, Rachel Holden, David Brennand and David Arden. Would a really reputable company have only 4 reviews, all fake and artificial?
    Would a legitimate complaint have 4 responses, of first time posters, that all registered today, on a rather obscure website, in about an hour and a half?

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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