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    We buy Time Shares Scam

    I am a victim of a scam. A fraud committed by a group of individuals called Complete Capital & Business Services LLC.
    The address is a fake: 1001 16th St. Denver, CO, 80265
    Phone: 720 457 0951 Fax: 720 729 8346
    [email protected]

    On April 12, 2016 I received a telephone call from a person calling himself Dereck Cruz. He had gotten our number from the Grand Mayan resort in Mexico and wanted to know if we were interested in selling our time share there. Normally I would have ignored with type of call, but since I had some recent health problems and did not think we would be using the time share in the future and I could use the money to pay some bills, I told him to send me the information and gave him my email.

    I received an email the following day, April 13, 2016.
    I was told their company was buying the timeshare and that they provide use of them to corporations for events.

    I did check out the listing of the company on State of Colorado website and the Better Business Bureau. I also did a search of the CEO, Constance M. Harper. It appears that her apartment is 7733 W. 55th Ave. #305, Arvada, CO, 80002. She may be associated with Dianne M Durbin at the same address.

    A few days later, I got a telephone call from Steve McKay who introduced himself as the escrow officer and was following up on the contract that was send.
    I asked for some references and he send out an email on April 26 see email
    Joseph Miller in Texas 432.360.2651 gave good reference
    Tom Moreno in Arizona 602.457.3330 - left voice mail
    Nathan Mendoza - 251.281.2736 gave good reference

    My wife and I singed the agreement and faxed back to him.

    On April 27 we received an email and followup phone call from Steve McKay saying that under new Mexican rules, the notario (Mexican attorney) had to be paid upfront and it had to come from the seller. They sent a new contract and said I would be reimbursed and that the money was in an escrow account with Scotia Bank.

    The notario, Ramundo Ortiz Huerta is located at Isla Antigua 3017 INT. 4, Col, Jardines de la Cruz. Phone # 52 554 164 6682 I called a talked with him.

    On April 27th I wire transferred from my USBank here in California to an account at Banco Del Bajio in Mexico $3205.00 plus bank fees.
    The next day Steve McKay called to acknowledge receiving the funds and that escrow would close in about a week.

    A week later he called to say that the Mexican government had recently changed the rules and that I must pay the transfer taxes up front before escrow could be closed.
    On May 18th I transferred $5,517.00 to the same bank in Mexico.
    I was again sent a new amended contract showing the I would be reimbursed and that the funds were in an escrow account and the the deal would close on May 27th.

    On May 27, I received an email (see email) saying that now they need another $4690 to be transferred for another unexpected Mexican government tax. At this point I realized that this was defiantly a scam. I told Steve McKay that I just did not have any more money to transfer. I asked them to transfer me the money and then I would transfer it to Mexico. He of course said they could not do that, but a few days later proposed that they would pay 49% if I could send 51% of the $4690. I said no that I could not.
    I called the Denver Police, but they said I needed to file a report with my local police department.

    Usually when I call the phone number, a female receptionist answers and the call is transferred. One time a man answered and said his name was Nathan Blanco and that he was new.
    I believe the company is using a virtual office as the address listed is a mall.
    There is a packaging and mail box store in the mall and they advertise offering virtual office services. Opus Virtual Office at 303.997.2957. I talked with a woman there who said she could not give out any information about clients, but would cooperative if contacted by authorities.
    I told her that I felt this company was running a scam.
    I will continue to try and keep contact with Steve McKay.. He tells me his legal department is looking in to the matter.

    I am now told that Steve McKay no longer work there and my case is being handled by Nathan Blanco.
    I verified with the property manager that there is no company by that name in their building.
    Nathan Blanco says they are in suite 221, but the property manager says there is no such suite.

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