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    The Warrior Creed

    I have no parents: I make heaven and earth my parents.
    I have no home: I make awareness my home.
    I have no life or death: I make the tides of breathing my life and death.
    I have no divine power: I make honesty my divine power.
    I have no means: I make understanding my means.
    I have no magic secrets: I make character my magic secret.
    I have no body: I make endurance my body.
    I have no eyes: I make the flash of lightening my eyes.
    I have no ears: I make sensibility my ears.
    I have no limbs: I make promptness my limbs.
    I have no strategy: I make 'unshadowed by thought' my strategy.
    I have no design: I make 'seizing opportunity by the forelock' my design.
    I have no miracles: I make right-action my miracles.
    I have no principles: I make adaptability to all circumstances my principles.
    I have no tactics: I make emptiness and fullness my tactics.
    I have no talents: I make ready wit my talent.
    I have no friends: I make my mind my friend.
    I have no enemy: I make carelessness my enemy.
    I have no armour: I make benevolence and righteousness my armour.
    I have no castle: I make immovable-mind my castle.
    I have no sword: I make absence of self my sword.

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    My Warrior Creed, To be an informant to those that our the next generation, help guide them prepare them mentally and physically on the roads that they will imbark on.
    Respect fellow man until he disrespects you, live life enjoying the frontier of what God has layed before you, And deffend her with all your beliefs and all your zeal and might.
    Never let any mortal man or woman tell you it cant be done, cause if you step back and search a minute you will see theres a warrior probally already doing it.. Being this warrior has little to do with primative fighting hand to hand, But its the inter spirit of yourself being the best you can be and helping others arround you attain the same warrior attitude...... Never back off never give up, and live life like a modern day warrior by feeling the power of God and the ancient values and the spirits of the past that lay within your heart and mind. "A warriors mind is more powerful then that of the sword" And as powerful as you ever allow it to be...

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    Politeness as a Spiritual Discipline

    Watching some of the agro’ that goes down on discussion pages is interesting, it is so much a reflection of the aggressive nastiness of our modern societies. When immature individuals become scared or frustrated, they lash out or blame others, projecting their shadow self, in order to release the uncomfortable feelings they harbor about themselves and their current conditions. Back in the old days,

    when we did the Warrior’s in the Mist seminars in Sipapu, New Mexico, we had a nice habit of being very polite to each other. It was a discipline we all agreed to at the beginning of the week. We always referred to everyone as sir or ma’am when talking to them. Even good friends, talking amongst each other would refer to one another as John-sir, or Sally-ma’am, whatever. The formality and politeness brought with it a sense of honor, love, and integrity for others, in spite of any irritations and differences we might have had.

    I saw that discipline as part of one’s attempt to distance one’s self from the dog-eat-dog world of modern living. Participants found the discipline strange at first, but after a few days they saw that in the formality and politeness, they honored themselves in the act of honoring others. It’s a part of our journey to try to reach for a higher spiritual ground, and respect is just one more rung on the ladder.

    In the use of a soft approach to others, and through a degree of formality and politeness, you distance yourself from the overall aggravation and nastiness that bathes our societies like an invisible slime. People are scared and frustrated and so they lash out, but one’s discomfort with life is no reason to retaliate. In seeing your life as sacred, you distance yourself from the common evolution and the physical and emotional violence of that evolution, placing yourself to one side.

    That is not elitist, just a personal choice. Remember, if you can’t respect people, you will have no respect for God. If you can’t respect God, your spiritual journey is useless.

    In the old days the title ‘gentleman’ meant just that, a man of a gentile disposition. Being a gentleman or gentlewoman, doesn’t necessarily imply weakness, it just calls for certain rules of conduct. So a gentleman could have a disagreement with another and even fight a duel to the death, but if he did so, it was handled properly in a gentlemanly way, under fair and defined rules of engagement and politeness.

    Ladies didn’t usually fight duels, but they fought other social and emotional battles, again, they did it within the bounds of honor and politeness. Our modern societies are under stress. People can’t really sustain themselves at the current pace. As the ego’s dream falters, people become insecure; they look to others to make up the energy deficit they are experiencing. So in America say, the government and the military are ravenously feeding off the people, as are the doctors, the lawyers, the street gangs; each feeds off another.

    People are out there every day, looking for someone to balance the ego’s books and plug the energy/money deficit. This naturally makes for rapacious people and aggressive and loutish behavior. The same trend is developing in Europe. It’s the warrior’s way not to be rattled when things go wrong. He or she accepts their destiny as they find it.

    They don’t ***** or struggle against circumstances, they look for solutions, rather than being swamped by emotion. And they don’t look to pillage the energy of others to make up any lack. The warrior maintains his composure at all times, walking slowly with honor and dignity, even when under pressure and in crisis.

    Politeness and respect are a big part of what makes the warrior brave and larger-than-life. Everyone can feign politeness and calm under optimum conditions; the test comes when the going gets tough and fear and frustration set in.

    I love that scene from the Michael Cane’s film Zulu, when 150 Welsh guardsmen are behind the biscuit tins in Africa, and 7000 Zulu’s appear on the hill. All the officers and the men are polite and calm and they go about their duties. The sergeant even tells a soldier to do up the button on his tunic. That battle scene perfectly describes the composure of the warrior. The film Zulu is based on a true story. The Welshmen didn’t lose their marbles under pressure.

    In fact they fought off the attack, outnumbered fifty-to-one, and they won (from memory), eleven Victoria Crosses, as well as other bravery medals. The VC is like the Medal of Honor in the US. Zulu is a good film to watch, it inspires you to be composed and brave when under pressure.

    So make it a discipline to walk in a slow and dignified way through life, with a kind word for everyone you meet—make politeness your natural way. It’s not as if you are going to allow others to take advantage of you, or to do you down. You can have good boundaries and still be respectful, while letting the world know, you won’t allow it to eat your lunch.

    If you catch yourself being insulting or trying to take it out on others, or if you find yourself blaming others, then stop and notice what you are doing. Realize you are temporarily in pain and that you are projecting your shadow unnecessarily, then try to rectify the situation and restore your composure. In a world of endless nastiness with so much vengeance and confrontation, politeness stands out as special.

    We have made it a spiritual discipline; you might consider doing the same.

    Stuart Wilde

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    Thank you kind sir for those wonderful words... As in the words of somebody famous(I forget who) "It's nice to be nice."
    I hope it catches on.. God bless.

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    Well yes, but these words have a hollow ring to them. Its as if the white man who speaks them does so, with a forked tongue.
    How can I tell?
    It is not hard if you meet the person, to know of what I speak. How many agreements were made and broken with indigenous peoples around the planet. How many fine words spoken in the name of noble causes, all of it coming to nothing. And how many people profess to follow so-called great men, Jesus etc. Who will stoop to any means to further their cause.
    These words have the ring of hypocrisy running through them.
    Disabuse yourself of thinking fine words will make a man, worthy of emulation or admiration, they do not. All any of us care about is our survival and comfort, that is the end result of millenia of conditioning by organisations whose only interest was their dominance of the culture in which they had taken root. It is a poison which has affected all, especially those who preach, don the garments of humility and nobility. It will come to an end only when all voices fall silent, and that si a while off yet.

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    [QUOTE=pancho]How many agreements were made and broken with indigenous peoples around the planet. How many fine words spoken in the name of noble causes, all of it coming to nothing.
    Agreed yes, most words are hollow.. It is the intent that is important, but honouring that intent seems to be the most difficult..

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    How about walk the talk. Which the writer of these hollow words does not. He wants admiration for just writing them, which I for one will not offer. Should one honour intent of words spoken in vanity, just because they sound good. Unless you know the person you cannot judge the intent. So dont give anything to a distant preacher, especially money and honour.

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    I can't help but think how pathetic some are to have to ask others how to live their lives. And, then to quote from them as though they are the oracle.

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    Re: The Warrior Creed

    I would really like to know what all this Stuart Wilde stuff is doing all over scam.com. Is there some backroom deal going on between scam and Mr Wilde? I mean sure the obvious god scammers like Benny Hinn, The prophet Yahweh etc etc are easy to spot and ridicule. Mr Wilde represents a subtler form of the god scam, born out of the 80's. But its a scam none the less. Could someone from scam.com please say what is going on? And if these postings are just adhoc, by persons unknown to Mr Wilde maybe they should be told to stop, or own up. The contribution from the 80's plethora of spiritualist's is done with, despite what they would like to think.
    We are moving into an era of organisations wanting to micromanage, while that is as yet impossible in places like Africa, it is becoming a reality in just about every westernised country. Rather than lift their collective heads and address the problem of global warming this is what they do. And all a belief in a god does is aid this insidiousness. So this sort of goobledegook spouted by Mr Wilde is a hinderance.
    And if people want to read it they can fork out $90 for a book or go to his website.
    Get him of scam.

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