You will receive an email from an HR Supervisor saying they have reviewed your file on a job board and they are considering offering you a job. A day later the same person will ask for a form to be completed and an identification document i.e. copy of passport etc.

Then the HR Director will send you a contract congratulating you on your appointment and asking you to get in touch with Al Rayed Travel & Tourism to complete your residency & work permits. The contract looks like it was designed by a primary school project team and contains a lot of non-legal and repetitive references with random font, capitalisation and colour changes.

I know this is wrong as you need to pass your medical and aids test before they will issue anything and this is done in the country, not before you travel.

The emails are badly worded and punctuated and the font changes size randomly. The link to the travel agents contains a malware virus. The travel agent's link doesn't exist if you type it to your browser. The phone number and fax for Galfar are wrong and I suspect these scammers are from a Belvida Contractors claimed to be from Dubai who I haven't found yet but have access to CV's from the NaukriGulf website.