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Thread: Lucille Flores

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    Lucille Flores

    Lucille Flores is back on Craigslist trying to sale her bogus cars and trucks I had the luck of getting excited about getting a deal on a 2004 ford f150 for 2,000.00 because her husband unfortunately died again of a heart attack and her brother is the who replies first with a text! So be on the look out they are at it again!

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    Re: Lucille Flores

    Carol Stier posted a car on FB's Marketplace. I messaged her and I got a reply instructing me to contact her mother, Jessica Carrol. I contacted her and Jessica's reply was very similar in that she was selling because she lost her husband a month ago from a heart attack. Also, because she has a hearing handicap, she cant talk on the phone. BTW... Carol Stier removed the FB add along with her FB profile (unless she just blocked me).

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