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    Money Doctor Scam Revealed


    Want to get scammed really good? Oh yeah… Poison Aid 100%

    Please note that I have worked out of my home for many, many years successfully. I have been involved with many companies and have lost money before. It is part of the business opportunity education process. This post is to help those who don’t have a large education budget as I did.

    Money Doctor Scam 101

    Here’s the story. These guys are slick as ice. The Money Doctor Scam is a way for you to BURN MONEY! Here is how the scam begins.

    First, you must lie about your income. This is the most important part of their scam. It only takes a few individuals that get in early to start the mad house effect. First, the person who makes a big wad is someone who is never available by phone. Second, this secret person makes up bogus deposits totally massive amounts of money. Third, copies of these are distributed to everyone and every mailing that is done (which by the way is illegal according to my conversation with the AG).

    This first part of the scam is very important. Without the liars and bogus incomes, no one will join, so this is a critical part of the Money Doctor scam.

    No one would ever reveal any documented proof of income but claimed massive amounts of it. They were lying 100% and it took a while to figure them out. Any of the so-called big earners claiming to have made massive amounts of money had NO DOCUMENTATION WHATSOEVER!

    You could however get lots of copies of smaller incomes.

    Money Doctor Scam 102

    Part of the lack of integrity of the Money Doctor scam is the way it is set up from day one. First, a massive mailing is done that is designed to benefit the mailer the most, that mailer being the owners and other select money hungry people. By placing select people, (company owners included) into the top structure, these individuals are able to attain quick incomes. Then, these incomes are inflated at the exact right moment during the promotion.

    Immediately incomes of a few thousand dollars are inflated to $10 or $20,000. As a few weeks pass, it becomes easier to continue to inflate the incomes accordingly, thus a $3000 income becomes $25,000 and an $8000 income becomes $42,000 as an example. This is all easily possible because there is no verification needed.

    The end result is a select few people make quite a bit of easy money. Maybe not $100,000, but a lot of easy cash is better than none. They can keep the scam going by continuing to inflate their incomes each week and declining to prove any of it.

    Money Doctor Scam 103

    Pick up a product worth $20 for $1200. Hurry before they run out! It’s a Christmas Frickin Special!

    Here is an area that gets the steam rolling in those governmental offices, I now know first hand. The stinking product is helpful information anyone could compile and sell. That is fine. The fact that you pay $1200 for it means MONEY GAME and the gavel will land on this one for sure.

    This is highway robbery and can’t be ethical. What is it with these opportunity that makes it ok to not be ethical? Is it ok to overpay for something by 6000% to get rich? Only if others are not also doing the same thing, then it becomes a ponzi scheme. Anyone in their right minds would not pay 6000% too much for a product unless they knew there was a slick way to make cash off of innocent people doing it.

    This is a GIANT RED FLAG FOR TROUBLE. Why play a money game? Why not be ethical about the quality of the product knowing it is not worth what people are paying.

    My God, I feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to pay $1200 for a printed book. I remember another company that did that once and now the original owners are being hunted by the FBI. It looks like the hunt is expanding.

    Money Doctor Scam 104

    Hiding behind addresses, and shipping centers will not keep you safe suckers! Nobody who has any brain at all should get involved with a company that hides behind their addresses. This is another GIANT RED FLAG that there are other motives involved.

    Ok, here is the common sense version. You’re watching the evening news. They come on and say, “We’ve got a special for you. Get a copy of the Credit Secrets Bible for only $1200 and we’re not telling you where the main company is located.”


    The people who get involved with this money game scam deserve what they get. All you see is the money, those deposit slips are very powerful, and evil, AND ILLEGAL SUCKERS!

    Money Doctor Scam 105

    The scam continues and gets deeper. Since the whole concept is geared toward making each individual feel like it is the company that isn’t making the money, the company then provides additional services to enhance their incomes.

    This is common in the MLM industry as many companies add services they make a profit from related to the promotion process. Of course, the Money Doctor scam is perfectly set up for this scam. 105 is about websites and how to scam all your dealers.

    Since we cannot post websites here, I will just lead you in the right direction instead. First, know that 102 talked about owner placing themselves at the top structure. This is also implemented online in a keyword way. The owners not only participate in the program, but also create their own websites to benefit the most from that program. Then, restrictions are placed to prevent others from using any other services except for theirs. To complete the scam, prices are inflated at this structure, and you will agree 100% in a minute.

    Ok, so what would be worth the $295 set-up and $199 renewals anyway? I would say a pretty nice looking website, wouldn’t you think so?

    Any serious webmaster would agree after looking at the websites owned by the Money Doctor Scam that it is 100% PATHETIC! Check out moneydoctorsystem.com and you will be redirected to moneydoctorprogram.com which is slow loading. The first website is what is supposedly included in their newsletter but when you open it, it reveals this owner information.

    Tonya Oliver and E & T Industries, a legal company located in Alabama


    This website isn’t that great and poorly designed. Ok, you got this great ethical company and you’re sending out your website address and selling websites for $295, and when we go there, we find some guy in Alabama?????????????????


    So you have your wonderful opportunity. Where is your website? According to the address people send their hard earned money, the offices are in Florida. Talk about UNPROFESSIONAL. Not only is this guy in Alabama in with the company, he is into stealing all search engine traffic related to your opportunity which steals your sales. This is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

    Sell a website that any flunky could build on a weekend for $295 to 1000’s of people all at once and you have BIG CASH FOR ALABAMA! Now, let’s continue to force our dealers to use promotional materials we sell them and we’ll turn Alabama into a Resort!

    Money Doctor Scam 106

    Sell mailers, mailing lists, and recommend them on company calls. This scam always works perfectly because there are honest people mixed in and it makes everything look peachy. Let’s talk about one of the mailing lists they tout as HOT LEADS.

    Here is what they call a hot lead; a person who is 85 years old and has no computer. These leads can be bought by the thousands now, hurry there is a sale on. You can buy your first bath for $100 of these high tech individuals. After speaking with a majority of them, 95% did not have computers, and 85% were over 65. They call them special names called direct buyers. What they really are is this. Innocent older people who are more desperate so there purchasing activity shows up more and they end up being targeted by scam masters such as Money Doctor.

    It’s more convenient for older people to fall for mailing programs because they feel it is something they can do. Most of the people interviewed had been scammed several times.

    You pay $150 buck for 1000 from Gorilla Marketing. According to our research and test mailings, these have a nixie rate of nearly 8% which is rather high. Imagine hundreds of people buying from the same list with a high markup. This company is located in Oregon, and they have a little resort in the works out there too.

    Money Doctor Scam 107 (The punishment continues…..)

    Let’s get hooked up with a print and mail company from hell. Well, that is exactly what Money Doctor did from day 1. I have received many letters from older people who spent thousands of dollars with a guy name Larry Chiappone and received a BIG FAT ZERO. This guy didn’t even call to see how they were doing. He just pocketed their money like the stinking leach he is. If you want to BURN YOUR MONEY, send it over to this guy and say goodbye forever.

    Of course, this guy has been known to be questionable for many years and I feel sorry for older people who he cleans out. Let’s make our company look as professional as possible. Let hook up with this leach. It was plastered all over their marketing material sent to your people.

    See Part Two

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    Re: Money Doctor Scam Revealed


    Money Doctor Scam 108 (When does it end?)

    Sell dealers promotional material they must use or terminate them. That’s right! There not cheap! No other forms accepted. This is a form of slavery. You have no way to promote your program without purchasing promotional material sold by the company. This has got to be a first since this company is directly promoted in that manner. Not only are they scamming you in many ways, now were going to force you to BUY FRONT LOADED PRODUCTS! This is beyond Red Flag and gone overboard to ATOMIC BOMB! Goodbye SUCKERS!!!!!!

    Front Loaded promotional purchases always turn bad. Just look at the long list of companies that have tried this before and closed their doors by court orders.

    Money Doctor Scam 109 (The DARK SIDE)

    Does anything anybody say really matter to the owners? Nope! Because you will be lead into another scam before this one ends and that is 100% GUARANTEED! It is ALWAYS A PART OF THE PLAN! The Money Doctor scam will fall but when it does, most of the select few insiders, Alabama people I guess, will already be moved on and setting up the next pull for this massive existing lists that was built.

    The suckers will line up like sheep to a slaughter. Why? Very simple! He or she said they already made $5000 since yesterday and you better hurry so you won’t fall for this bull crap!

    Money Doctor Scam 110 (The Disgusting Truth)

    For years, we have been aware of what we call Program Jumpers but it goes much deeper. There are those who only work program to reap temporary benefits and this is their intentions before they even get involved. There plan is to join programs, hype them up with hefty inflated incomes to get more to join, and then pick the right time to dump the whole thing.

    This is a complete system. This begins with a program such as the Money Doctor scam. We’ll work this program for a year or so and we’ll dump it for our next program. We’ll know when it is the best time to dump… when our incomes start to drop. Before we can dump, we must plan our attack and be ready to tell the story. The story is special. It is well design. It delivers a perfect message that justifies it’s time to move on and with me.

    This in and out can go on for years and the only people who ever make any money are those near the top of the structure. The rest support those people and may do this for years unknowingly. Eventually those folks get smart and learn but they are slowing and methodically replaced by new suckers as they move on.


    All in all, it is overwhelmingly disgusting what people will believe without any documentation. This had been going on for years but direct mail is much more powerful for this scam. When copies of deposits are mailed and you hold it in your hand, it can have an overwhelming affect on people.

    This is why it is illegal to do so according to the AG. I believe the gavel will have the final say on the demise of this scam and it will come in a state where they HATE scammers.

    If you’re looking at the Money Doctor scam, please post your comments. If you’re already in Money Doctor and you want to promote your scam here, just know you’re dealing with the Pitt Bull.

    Stop scamming older people with your sick excuse of an opportunity!

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    Re: Money Doctor Scam Revealed

    I can see you are upset - maybe you are right - maybe you are wrong - I don't know. I am not sure why you felt a need to call me a "leach who prays upon the elderly" or something like that.

    I get paid to do mailings, which can be easily verified with certified receipts from the Post Office. I have no control over what response what people may or may not get.

    Now to put this in prespective, if a local muffler shop pays me to do a mailing to the local residents in his area, and it bombs, am I responsible?

    When you refer to me as a leach, are you saying that I shouldn't accept a paid order? Are you saying that when someone wants me to mail for them, I should analyze it and decide if it should be mailed in the first place? I am not clear what you are saying.

    Conversely, when a person does poorly, they complain. How come when a person does well, I don't get extra money for them succeeding - a cut of the profit? I'll tell you why - the advertiser assumes all risks involved and conversely benefits 100% of the success also.

    Not if you feel slighted somehow from me, I am available to reasonably talk to you at 631-961-8760. My email is [email protected]. I don't why you to feel this upset over a mailing from me. I am just a mailer. That's it.

    It's up to the program to succeed or fail for any advertiser and since it is a fact that 95% of all promotions FAIL, anybody who spends their hard earned money to have a mailing done gets my BEST effort. ALL THE TIME!

    I thank you for listening and I encourage you to contact me now if you feel slighted. As long as you are reasonable, I will be more than reasonable. Peace.

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    Re: Money Doctor Scam Revealed

    boy that was a long post

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    Re: Money Doctor Scam Revealed

    omg this really so long post lol

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    Re: Money Doctor Scam Revealed

    Really nice post. i like you post Money Doctor Scam Revealed.Thanks sharing Great view.

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