They stole my money and thats all you need to know. I wish I had taken more time to research these guys before I jumped in after a demo that wasn't even in real time (which should've been the first red flag to me) but I didnt and my misfortune can now be your fortune. STAY AWAY FROM THEM and tell your friends and family to stay away from them. Count your blessings you found this post cause it may possibly save you 10's of thousands of dollars in pain and heartache. I don't even know their name exactly thats how shady they are but they are based in Pleasant Grove, Utah and they list themselves as Learn to Trade our Money or Trade our Money or DayTrade our Money or based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They have so many other names its scary. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do with your money. Hopefully you don't throw it away on them. They will probably try to reply to this post and say a bunch of crap to discredit me but trust your own discernment. I wish i did. They are a total scam.