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    careerbuilder.com scam-procard international

    Watch out for Procard International scam!!!!!!!!

    Similar to charity scam saying it is out of the
    country so it will be harder to search info on.

    Ask for tax id info first and see what they will answer.
    Never use or give your account number to anyone you do not trust.
    If you have doubts about anything, that means something is not right.
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    Re: careerbuilder.com scam-procard international

    Procard International is in no way a scam. They do not require any investment and do not make any empty promises. They are simply work from home opportunities...you can work them, or not.

    Procard International is not located out of the country, so I am not sure what relevance the "charity scam" comment has to this company.

    You never have to give account info if you do not want. Obviously, if you choose to enroll in their services, then the site is secure and you can pay online.

    Anyone with questions should just email [email protected] for assistance. The customer service can clarify any questions or misunderstandings.

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