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    Hillary Clinton Scam.com Scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hillary Clinton's superpacs are posting here. ALOT Hillary is trying to scam scam.com
    Wish I was getting a cut.

    Trump is buying ads through Google Adsense legitimately.

    All you morons thinking I have paid posters are so wrong.

    I see the stats. I see ips.

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    I want Trump, guess what? There's a ton of old school lame propaganda going on here.

    Not me. Trust me.

    Believe what you want. That cunt had 2 million Twitter accounts created.
    Do you realize what THAT ALONE WOULD COST TO DO?
    No you retards have your face in the sand.

    That thing ALLLLLLLONE is millions that the Clinton Foundation could have used for Haiti or anywhere in need.

    What cunt would put her own daughter in charge of the greatest charity scaM in history?
    How many blowjobs did this money get Billy?!!

    Wake the up.

    I am sick of taking shit for this cunt ruining my site.
    I was banned in Pennsylvania last month. Figure that Illuminati shit out man.

    3 points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump wins by 20 points . End the decay of what is right and just.
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    Re: Hillary Clinton Scam.com Scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    feel better now!? ........TOO FUNNY!! RIGHT and JUST!? all the POSTS on TRUMP prove he's a SLIME BALL CON ARTIST!! or just old and crazy!? sheesh!! wake up as they say.........
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: Hillary Clinton Scam.com Scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check out the Bamboo Bar When In NJ !

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