I know there are liar, cheater websites for jilted lovers, rip off reports though and pissed off consumer are mainly for companies as is this site. I did put some reports on pissed off consumer where if you googled their name, it would come off, but the names were removed. The police do not really want to file a report if they can't prosecute and often these people disappear so one can't pursue them in a civil case and it would be difficult anyway, because if a person gains your trust enough for you to loan them money, you often don't get paperwork with the person. All I can do at this point, is put something online on these people, had I googled them and there was something about them, I could have prevented in (one case) losing over 6K. I tried the FBI website, but they didn't even to respond.

One reason that I trusted that person, he was detained by the police for not having an i.d. (he was a white guy in a black neighborhood going to the welfare office and he said they were going to detain him for "suspicion" of possessing drugs) but since he was not arrested and released with no charges, I believed that he had no criminal record, I found out later, that he probably does this scam all the time, had their been some kind of info on that person, I wouldn't have been taken. Can what a person does, if there are other victims, be in some kind of law enforcement data base, even if they can't be arrested since it's not an actual crime that can be prosecuted? The last person he scammed, got to keep the phone they bought for him, she found out, that he had done this to others, because she found who he said was his dead wife on a facebook page but none had put any info on him online. All these fraud websites, give you general info, but they have no database either.