Hey all

I am posting, so I can alert others about a Dish Network Phone Scam.

I recently received a call from Dish Network (my caller ID showed it came from 1-800-333-3474 which is a number associated with Dish) in regards to my receiver needing to be upgraded, as it would not be compatible with forthcoming system upgrades. I was asked to verify my receiver ID # and then was told they would send out a new receiver and that I would get it in 2 to 6 days. I also was told I would need to pay a $200 security deposit, but would receive $25 monthly credits for the next 12 months.

In any event, I received the new receiver and thought my account would be charged the $200 fee which I would get back and then some in the form of bill credits totaling $300. This was not the case, as the same person (had a very heavy accent and was to understand and sounded like we were talking via tin can and string) called back to request an e-mail address to send me an invoice to pay this fee. This sounded suspicious, so I gave them an address I use when I don't want to give out my main email. Shortly after that, I received an invoice from PayPal for the $200 + 8% GST (I don't live somewhere that charges GST).

All of this I got me more suspicious, so I called Dish Network and was told that I would never be charged for any equipment upgrades and that I should not pay this invoice. In addition, I was told that I did not need an upgrade and I received nothing different from what I already had.

My call was forwarded to the fraud department and told me again not to pay this invoice.

I then sent an e-mail to the address listed on the invoice and told them what I had did and not to contact me anymore. I also forwarded their invoices, including one that showed that my invoice was canceled to PayPal.

Sounds almost like an inside job at Dish Network, but can't be sure.

Just everyone should know.