A strawman is a specious argument intended to confuse the audience. I took the extreme case to make a point but that's not a fallacy. Illegal is illegal regardless of how likely it is that you'll get busted and regardless of the severity of the crime or expected punishment.

As it happens, ***yes***. Almost all of us has met someone who has personally been screwed over by an employer, bitter coworker or ex-gf and the rest of us know someone at the second degree.

Prime example: A guy in my town had the misfortune of hooking up with a local laowai-hunter who had slept with about a dozen teacherfags in the town. All her ex-bf's had detected her instability pretty early and let her go. Sadly this guy didn't get the news so when a very pretty and buxom local girl started showing him attention, he fell for it. Disturbingly, she was even flirting with me (400lb ambulatory ball of lard) while she was still linking arms with him. He got her pregnant, they got married. Six months after the baby was born, the school hired a blonde American girl. With no evidence to support it, his wife got it into her head that he was having an affair with the new girl. He told me he wasn't and I believe him. He always seemed very happy with his new life when I'd see him. His protestations were to no avail because jealous vivian wouldn't be mollified. She began coming into the office screaming and making a scene. When the police were called to get her out, she went rabid but was finally removed. A day or two later, a group of a half dozen of her relatives mugged my friend as he left work and left him bruised and bleeding on the office doorstep, requiring hospitalization. She also called the PSB and made all sorts of claims about the school employing foreigners illegally which resulted in an investigation. Finally she dumped the baby on the doorstep of the office in the middle of the night.

The happy ending is that that seemed to end the matter. He has custody of his child who is now a happy and healthy toddler. The school wasn't doing anything dodgy and so the inspection didn't show up any dirt. I understand that the woman went to jail. Presumably the school didn't fire him because the crazy wife had demonstrated quite clearly that she was the troublemaker, not my friend.

This video girl *lied*. It is ***not*** "100% legit, no degree" to work in China. Perhaps she simply doesn't understand; that her intention was good. However unless you're Hillary Clinton, that shit doesn't fly.

Chinese labour law ***requires*** a degree and anything short of a legitimate degree to support a legitimate Z visa is *illegal* and holds inherent risk that I am not prepared to accept. If others are willing to accept risk, so be it but I will always recommend against such activity.