There was a job posting in Upwork for an English teacher to travel and work in China. After doing a bit of research, I have found the website for the organization, .

So far, all that I have done is set up a proposal in Upwork and sent a "Hello" to a person on Skype who will go over the offer in more detail. I will say that if this is a scam, the scammers are very slow in responding to my questions. It takes about a whole day to get one of my questions answered.

There are no reviews of the program or people blogging about their personal experience, so I can't really draw a conclusion if this is a legitimate offer.

Does this have a lot of red flags for something that I should immediately stop doing and forget about? I would really like this to be legitimate...I have recently earned a Bachelor's of English, and I think this sounds like the perfect opportunity for me to work and do international travel.