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    Swift Loan Service

    On 8/23/2016 at 11:47 AM, "SWIFT LOAN SERVICE" < swiftloan1@gmail.com> wrote:


    How are you doing, have you made the transfer yet? we have not heard
    from you regarding the payment.

    Roland Powell.
    On 8/22/2016 at 8:53 PM, "Swift Loan Service" < swiftloanservice1@hotmail.com> wrote:


    Your Diver's License and the loan agreement document you signed has been forward to the account department for proper verification and confirmation, since you are in agreement with our loan terms and conditions you are to send the transfer fee of $275 only to enable us transfer your loan Amount $120,000.00 only, you are advise to visit the nearest Western Union or Money Gram Outlet close to you and make the payment of $275 only to enable us complete this loan transaction today, here is how you are to make the payment to the account officer in charge of your transfer via Money Gram/Western Union please find the details below;

    Receiver Name: Oseme Hilary Idoni
    Receiver Country: Tanzania
    State: Dar Es Salaam
    Question: Who sent?
    Answer: John
    Amount: $275 only
    MTCN: ?

    Please provide your banking details where the loan funds will be transferred to, please provide your banking details below:

    Account Name:
    Account Number:
    Bank Name:
    Rountine Number:
    Bank Address:

    Note: You are advise to send to us the scan copy of the payment receipt which you use in making the payment for proper verification and conformation of your payment by our account officer who is in charge of payment, as soon as your payment has been confirmed valid your loan funds will be transferred to you within 24 working hours.

    Roland Powell.
    On 8/22/2016 at 8:09 PM, "Swift Loan Service" < swiftloanservice1@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Dear Applicant

    This is to inform you that your application of the loan amount of $120,000.00 have been approved in the repayment terms of 4 years duration, We will offer you the loan as you require, We have stated the loan terms and repayment plan for the stated loan below. We will want you to take a proper view on the below and get back to me if you are in agreement.

    You are expected to acknowledge its content and read carefully, so we could proceed to the next level in procuring this Loan. Below is Your Loan repayment schedule and conditions:

    Loan Amount:
    Loan Interest Rate:
    Loan Term:
    4 years
    Monthly Loan Payment:
    Number of Payments:
    Cumulative Payments:
    Total Interest Paid:

    Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 47 payments of $2,656.12 plus a final payment of $2,656.08.

    Note: Further more you will be responsible for the transfer charges of the loan funds which is $275 only before the funds would be transfer to your account, also note that it is against our professional policy to deduct the transfer fees from the total loan funds and there is nothing that can be change on this because you will have to pay the transfer fee before the loan funds would be transferred to you.

    If you are in agreement to this send us a copy of a valid identity card (ID card) and provide us with your banking information.

    The applicant will start the repayment of loan at the end of every month starting from six months after loan has been transferred. Failure to pay back the loan at this expected date/period, legal actions will be taken against the applicant by the Board of Directors of this firm. Applicant who is unable to meet with the repayment will be given 7 weeks more as a grace period before legal actions will be taken.

    (1)The stated sum of money due for loaning which is $120,000.00 must be paid back within a minimum period of 4 years.
    (2) The Loan attracts an interest rate of 3%.

    (3) In the course of the loan term duration, A constant monthly payment will be paid and will start six months after the loan have been confirmed available to the beneficiary.

    (4) Borrowers is solely responsible for the payment of Loan Transfer Charges before loan funds can be transfer and also be informed that we do not deduct the Transfer charges from the original loan amount due to a hard insurance policy on international loan transaction.
    (5) Loan repayment must be made via check, bank draft or wire transfer. Any other means will not be embraced due to company policy reference.
    (6) The provisions of this loan shall be governed in all respects by applicable federal law, and the laws of the US Government without regard to conflict of law rules.
    (7) Borrowers must send written notice to us within 10 days after any change in his/her name, address(City/State/Country), or telephone number.

    (8) All information passed by this note and subsequent notes should be deemed classified by the applicant.
    You are to get back to us with the a valid identification card and also with your banking information so that we can proceed with further details regarding the transfer process immediately.

    (9) If you are in agreement with our terms and conditions please let us know so that we can forward the loan contract for you to sign.

    Roland Powell.

    On 8/22/2016 at 7:34 PM, "Swift Loan Service" < swiftloanservice1@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Hello Applicant,

    Thanks for contacting Swift Loan Service, we noticed you need an urgent loan and we can help you get any loan amount only if you are honest to pay back after duration. And if you need this loan insurgency we can help you get in less than 24 hours. We give out all types of loans, from Agricultural-Personal loans.

    For more you have to fill the following information and also indicate the amount you need as loan between 5,000 - 50,000,000 Pounds, Euro and Dollars at 3% interest rate, so that we can send you our terms and conditions of the loan.

    Name in Full:
    Monthly income:
    Marital Status:
    Phone / Mobile Number:
    Amount Needed As Loan:
    Loan Duration:
    Purpose of the loan:

    We will await your urgent reply, so we can proceed further.

    Roland Powell.
    Swift Loan Service.
    From [/URL] Cheryl Hughes < Cheryl.Hughes@tdsb.on.ca>
    To [/URL] Cheryl Hughes < Cheryl.Hughes@tdsb.on.ca>
    Sent Monday, August 22, 2016 at 6:27 PM
    From: Hughes, Cheryl
    Sent: August 22, 2016 1:58 PM
    Subject: RE: LOAN

    Loan offer at 3% Contact Email: swiftloanservice1@hotmail.com

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