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    $6.5 Trillion dollars is missing from U.S. Defense Department - Cheney just laughs...

    Well if I can find where $1 Trillion went without any subpoenas or even a private investigator, I am damn sure Congressional investigators or even a veteran veteran IRS agent can find the money. But the kicker is that not a single penny has been allocated to assign any investigator, any congressional committee, nor has any entity like the GAO, Inspector General, the IRS, FBI, been authorized to even look for this money. This is a felony crime folks. It is called "grand larceny". If you or I stole even 1% of that money, we'd have a federal task force crawling up our ass with microscopes looking for that money! But Cheney, Rumsfield, Bush, Clinton all get a free pass. Why? BTW... here is where $1 Trillion went - to fund an illegal program for a decade http://arstechnica.com/security/2016...d-vpn-traffic/ Remember, it is our money they are using to pay for this shit, not their own.

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    Re: $6.5 Trillion dollars is missing from U.S. Defense Department - Cheney just laughs...

    I think that guy is Runsfield. Here's Cheney ( the real President before Obama )

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