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Thread: Why e-gold

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    Why e-gold

    why do all these sites use egold instead of real money.

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    Re: Why e-gold

    Because it's untraceable and that makes it easier to steal your money.
    I've not found a single HYIP that wasn't a scam.

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    Re: Why e-gold

    E-bullion is cheaper makes no sense why they dont use that has same conditions, they even get less fees for receiving payments dumb people I think :D And there has been a few that arent scams or well,.....are still paying anyway dunno if you could say they arent a scam but still.Fight fire with fire sometimes works :cool: Scams arent just hyip's they are in all walks of life sometimes they may not even begin as a scam but 1 person gets into it and wrecks it.Weve had a few in australia hih insurance,onetel communications,alan bond and his corps, froggy internet etc.They all get sent to jail with the money hidden in silent companies.USA has had theres aswell see something may not be intended as a scam but can end up losing peoples money, you have to be quick and smart get in get cash get out dont think its gonna last.You tell me 1 bank in the world that wouldnt freeze funds tommorow if someone stuffed it up???? The truth is once someone else has controll of your money its 50/50.Even trading forex and stocks bonds you are in controll, you are initiating trades but o oh the person whos in controll of the other 50% of your money isnt you its the global market.Thats where risk management comes in you must go in thinking you will lose and create a back up plan for this.Thats the 50/50, even employment think about it you get a good job you get good income.........tommorow that company could go bust you could get nothing be left with debt. :confused:
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    Re: Why e-gold

    You need to find 1% that pays and profit from it.
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    Re: Why e-gold

    Quote Originally Posted by hyipdaily
    You need to find 1% that pays and profit from it.
    I'm on one Hyip that started off at 1% and now pays 4% daily, or 9% for the weekly program. I would not trust any Hyip that promises 65% daily for 2 days or 40% for 4 days or whatever. Too high and too little time. If they lose once there is no time for them to make up the losses before your payout is due. With lower percentages and longer periods of time they are not as likeley to lose in their own investments.

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