My name is Kevin Jerinnie and I got scammed from a guy in India that was suppose to do a software development project for me about 2 years ago, and he scammed me out of $500 dollars and tried to get $1,500 more for the Unfinished software. When I told him by multiple phone numbers he was calling from in India, he placed me all over stating that I am the worlds biggest liar and I was the scammer. I cut this guy off that call himself Kevin Ryan from india. Well he got my money and I was the one who paid him $500 and after I fired him he said I scammed him and put my name on this stupid website. So again now I always make sure that these people have a website and a valid website before I conduct any business relationship with them..

This guy got me good!! His phone was disconnected after I try to contact him for a refund of the $500 he ripped me off.